A Different Kind Of Restoration

Cleaning irrigation ditches is a form of restoration, correct??  Ranchers don’t like grassy ditches or ones where a batch of dirt or rocks has fallen into the ditch causing the water flow to slow down.  A neighbor and friend needed some ditch cleaning so the Cowboy took the mini-excavator and spent Thursday cleaning ditches.

Wednesday we made a trip to Billings–I had two routine appointments, we enjoyed a great lunch and did a very small Costco run.

Thursday morning was yoga for me and in the evening Jeane, Jill and Hilary joined me for a Italian cooking class in Livingston.  We had so much fun!!  Kim who owns the Copper Moose, a specialty food store in Livingston has these classes every Thursday night.  Of course it’s a marketing tool for Kim–all the prepared dishes contained some item sold in her store–but it’s all good stuff!!  Infused olive oils, vinegars, specialty spices, etc.  Who knew veggie lasagna with gluten free noodles could taste soooooo good!!  And I’ve been slicing onions and peppers wrong all my life.  We had the best time!

It was late (for me) when we left Livingston and pouring rain but I managed to avoid the deer and arrived home to a welcoming husband and pooch.  The rain has fallen as a mist all last night and today plus it’s only been 45 degrees!  Spring showers I’m guessing???

Not the greatest photo but in this deary weather it’s a feeding frenzy at the feeders.  We have tons of rosy red finches, a few lazuli buntings, chickadees and one goldfinch.

This time of year our rhubarb is out of control–we have four plants–why I don’t know but we do.  Anything you bake with rhubarb requires so much sugar–but so be it I guess!  I saw this recipe from Smitten Kitchen go across one of my feeds and baked it this morning–it didn’t even make a dent in the rhubarb supply but oh, my, was it ever delicious!!

This is what you don’t do when making pizza sauce–That stuff will scorch in a second if you aren’t paying attention–the recipe has very little liquid–and obviously I wasn’t paying attention! 🙂

One of our native residents made the Good Housekeeping June issue.  Virgil is 97 years old, one year older than Nat and still goes to work in his store every single day it is open–amazing!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

I’ve worked in the quilt studio this afternoon–and it’s been good.  Sue from mohotravels.blogspot.com has sent a quilt to me for longarm quilting–a cheerful, colorful, springy quilt on this nasty weather day.

8 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of Restoration

  1. Your a busy lady and all your projects
    inspire me….. I can get alittle lazy at times
    with a good book or my IPad and
    later feel guilty. Your posts are good
    for me! 😊


    1. Don’t feel bad about reading a good book or relaxing with your iPad–we do the exact same thing–I just fail to put that in the blog!! The Cowboy has finished three books since we came back to Montana and I’ve finished several too. I’ve sat in my chair listening to an audiobook and stitched a wool project too–so, we are not busy ALL the time! 🙂


  2. Cooking classes sounds like so much fun! Never tasted rhubarb.
    Maybe you can show us the correct way to cut onions and peppers. I am curious.
    Love your birds and the photo. Pretty trees!
    I wish that temp was here in TX. 96° today. So hot too soon! A/C won’t stop running!
    Love that you quilt. My Grandmother helped me make my own quilt when I was a teenager. I sewed most of my clothes during junior high and high school. Just stopped sewing. Maybe one day again.
    Take care.


    1. I love to take cooking classes–even though I’m a good cook I always learns something new. I’m loving the cooler temps but hope we see the sun soon! I have always sewed–my mom made all our clothes and I took up where she left off.


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