Putting On Miles

Tuesday afternoon we returned the CanAm to the garage and piled into the jeep–heading up the Boulder to see if any critters were out and about.  All we saw were herds of deer and one dang squirrel!  As always the scenery was spectacular!

The river is high and murky–and it’s not even high water time yet!

Wednesday we puttered at home–I did some more spring cleaning–does it ever end???  The Cowboy installed batteries in the truck camper and I vacuumed all the flies and wasps which accumulated over last fall and winter–ugh!

Wednesday afternoon late we headed to Livingston and the Rib & Chop House to celebrate Sarge’s birthday with he and Sarah. We had a lovely evening and it was good to see those two again.  The food was outstanding as usual and the company wonderful!  Lonn, Katie and Michael were also there having dinner so I scored some great grand baby smooches.

Today bright and early we were headed to Billings–I was getting a much needed haircut!  I didn’t talk about my haircuts this season–I figured our readers were tired of hearing about my hair struggles.  So, let’s just say I couldn’t WAIT to have Becky cut my hair today!

We literally filled the car today and I really meant to take a photo before we unloaded but didn’t.  Did you know Costco sells toilets???  One day this winter we were in one of the Tucson Costco stores and spotted a very inexpensive toilet–$159–and it came with everything for installation.  If it’s possible to “like” a toilet–we really “like” our Costco toilet.  It is a taller toilet than older model ones.  Today we purchased one for our Montana master bathroom–and that box just about filled the back of our Cadillac not including all the groceries we bought at Wal Mart and Costco!  I don’t think one more thing would have fit in the car!

Emmi stayed with Nat and Barb–she was one happy dog when we came home.  The car is unloaded and we are relaxing, waiting for the rain to start–and it may snow!

Heading back down the Boulder Tuesday evening.


2 thoughts on “Putting On Miles

  1. Gorgeous photos! I hope the green lasts until we come through Billings the end of next month (visiting a friend in Roundup). Is the water coming over both falls at the natural bridge? I think everyone should like their toilet :-))))


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