Having Some Fun

Monday was a day for puttering and a little spring cleaning.  In the afternoon I ran into Big Timber for a few groceries.  It was a gorgeous spring day to start and before I left for town I hung clothes outside on the clothesline–does anyone other than me use a clothesline–I know Geri does! 🙂

It started raining while I was still in town and I assumed my clothes would be wet–the Cowboy wouldn’t notice they were hanging out there on the deck.  I was wrong–he did see the clothes just not in time to keep them dry! 🙂 He had gone up to our shed in the hay fields and was caught by the rain storm.

Today is a glorious spring one–70 degrees with puffy white clouds floating in a blue, blue sky.  We decided to enjoy the day–rain is in our forecast for many, many days to come.  I went to yoga this morning and it was so good–Julia is just the best instructor–and she doesn’t expect us to do 20 minutes of alternate nostril breathing at the start of each class! 😉

Back home I mowed the grass and raked all the rubbish left behind by the dang voles–those critters can destroy a lawn!  And I checked the gutters–and was amazed to find them all empty–that was an easy job.

Then for the fun–we took the CanAm out for a short ride and look what we found Larry–

Our neck of the woods in Montana had a very rough winter and spring is just barely starting.  Our grandson-in-law’s mother Sarah had photos of a peony bouquet–she lives in Tennessee–just not fair, my peonies are only 4 inches tall!!–months from blooming!!

We are going to enjoy this beautiful day a little longer–more on that story in the next blog!

10 thoughts on “Having Some Fun

  1. Sipping a Moose Drool as I type… keeps me linked to Montana…

    This year should see me sliding in under her sky up around Libby…

    … Have to break in this new bike on some good Idaho roads first… to get her ready for Montana…
    … and you should know by now, little detail slides past the eye of a cowboy, even if he can’t get to it in time!


  2. Your weather sounds perfect – especially the upcoming days of rain! I’m always a fan of late spring and early fall. That first pic looks like a piece of heaven.


  3. I remember long winters in Northern Idaho, waiting for everything to bloom, and it wasn’t as bad as Montana. Still, it is such beautiful country. One of my best friends lived in Ronan, with a gorgeous view of the Swan Mountains. I still miss that country. Love seeing your photos.


    1. Thanks Sue–the greenhouse is open and I’m tempted to buy flowers but know I will have to bring them in every night–I will try to make myself wait! I wonder if rhododendrons would live in Montana??


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