We Are Home In Montana

After three days of driving and 1498 miles we rolled up our driveway just before 5pm.  We stopped in Livingston to pick up a few groceries–we will make a big re-supply run next week.  We surprised Nat and stopped in to see how he weathered the winter–he was delighted to see Emmi as Emmi was to see him.  This trip from Arizona to Montana was so different–for the first time in 15 years we weren’t traveling in a RV with our own bed, bathroom and kitchen.  We chose to stay in La Quinta Inns as they allow pets and do not charge extra.  The first night we stayed just north of Las Vegas.

Wednesday we drove just over 600 miles and ended up in Pocatello, ID for the night.  Both hotels were quiet and clean.  We are not TV people and don’t even have a TV in our Montana home but for some reason we enjoy watching TV in hotel rooms–we both became engrossed in HGTV home remodeling shows–I wonder why???  I was sitting on the bed and Emmi was there with me–all of a sudden she discovered herself in the mirror at the end of the bed–who is that other dog in our room–I better growl and send it out of here!

We had good roads and the usual highway construction for this time of year–at one spot just outside Las Vegas we waited about 20 minutes for the pilot car–

We’ve unpacked the necessities for tonight and will work on unpacking the rest tomorrow.  Emmi has had a ball playing session and we’ve walked around the property to see what’s growing.  We lost a couple small aspen trees probably due to wind, the rhubarb is growing like a weed and for the first time since we moved the lilac bush from Nat’s place in town to here, I may have lilacs.  The deer love to rub their horns on the lilac bush and always seem to stunt its growth–we put a fence around it before we left in October and it worked!

As you can see there aren’t many leaves on the trees and the grass isn’t all green but it was a beautiful day to arrive in Montana!

13 thoughts on “We Are Home In Montana

  1. Glad to read that the trip was easier. Paddington and I stay at the LQ the night before his teeth cleaning. Otherwise, it’s 75 miles in the dark watching for deer and hogs.


  2. I too like staying at LaQuinta. Always clean – very important!!
    When I was a kid there was a figurehead hanging in our den. Every now & then it needed to be cleaned. One evening our schnauzer was growling and barking – really mean sounding. She had discovered the figurehead on the floor awaiting its cleaning. Comforting to know that our fun and loving pets are such guard dogs at heart!
    ~ Linda K.


  3. You arrived at that magic moment when the faint hint of lime green shows up in backlit sunshine. I love spring, and that lime green color. Summer green is so dull in comparison. Welcome home!


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