On Our Way

Monday was one busy day packing the horse trailer, buttoning up the house, visiting with our caretakers–and I even found time to bake cookies (traveling food) and granola.

Tuesday morning at 7:15am we left our Arizona home heading north.  By noon we were in Wickenburg enjoying lunch at the Tasty Freez.  By 5pm we were just north of Las Vegas after making a resolution to never travel through that city again during rush hour traffic! ;(  We were even in John and Pam’s neck of the woods for a short period of time today–we waved as we drove through!

 Part of the Las Vegas rush hour problem was this—–and desert dwellers have trouble driving in the rain–they see it so seldom!

Our trip today was just a touch easier than in a forty foot motorhome pulling a thirty foot trailer–but just a touch!  In this rig–our one ton Ford crew cab truck pulling a 30 foot gooseneck trailer–I didn’t think I would hear those dreaded words, “I can’t get this rig in there!!!”  Well, I was wrong.

We are comfortable in a north Las Vegas La Quinta Inn and dinner was delivered a while ago–delicious lasagna!  We chose La Quinta as they allow pets to stay for free! 🙂  Onward tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “On Our Way

  1. I thought I felt you wave as you went by!! Yes, the weathermen on the news tonight were discussing the problems with rain in the desert and driving. It doesn’t look a whole lot better for tomorrow! Hope you out run the rain quickly tomorrow! Safe travels north!


  2. Ah rain. I remember that. Central Coast doesn’t do rain anymore. But…hope your drive gets drier and scenic as you leave Las Vegas in the rear view mirror.


  3. Glad to see the roof got finished, it must be great to know there will be no more damage to the main house. Still lots waiting for you to work on next season 🙂 Hope the remainder of the drive is safe and dry.


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