It’s Finished

By Saturday morning at 9:30, we had finished the roof–finally!  It sure seems as if it took us a long, long time but now our houses are water tight and critter proof–we hope!  The white silicone coating looks patchy in places as we didn’t waste that expensive stuff ($200/5 gallon bucket) on areas which didn’t need coating–those areas will be covered with stucco next fall.  The Henry’s Tropi-Cool is guaranteed for life–thus the price tag.  Sticky, messy stuff!

Saturday evening Louanne and Dan came for happy hour and to say goodbye until next season–we are certainly glad those two stopped to talk to us at the VFW hall that night!  They will be heading back to Oregon for the summer sometime soon.  Louanne and Dan are talking about getting a CanAm–Louanne came out on Friday to return a cookie sheet and drove our CanAm–Dan got his turn last night–they liked it and Emmi was thrilled to be taking a ride!

Sunday was spent finishing up odds and ends–cleaning out the truck, making it ready for travel, packing stuff, etc.  The Cowboy hung a security screen door on the front of the main house and moved all the extra lumber and bags of cement into the garage.  We are making progress!

Full moon rising over our neighbor’s yard–wish our trees were that big!

12 thoughts on “It’s Finished

  1. Another big project checked off your list and as usual it looks great too. Glad you put those room location descriptions in your post because we looked at that and knew exactly where things were. As much as you will be looking forward to heading back to Montana you will also be looking forward to heading back to Arizona in the Fall. Good stuff you two:))


    1. You are exactly right Al–we are so looking forward to Montana and some cooler temperatures–this heat is killing us! But in the fall we will be anxious to be back in our Arizona home.


  2. Watching you both work so hard motivated me to buy some marble tiles to use to tile up half the walls in my half bath. Since I babysit my two grandchildren 5 days a week this will take me awhile. I am still planting Hop Seed Bushes around my yard trying to bring in some green instead of looking at block walls, LOL! Bought 20 bushes and have 14 planted still need to run the drips for them.. I so enjoy your blog and get so excited with your projects, feels like I am joining in without me doing the work! LOL! Thank you for allowing me to tag along!


    1. THANKS so much Gail for the enthusiastic comment–we have worked so hard and are ready for some rest! (that might last two days!) Mike researched your hop seed bushes and we will be looking for some of those when we return in the fall–they are good to 15 degrees.


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