Quail And Snake

I will warn you before the snake photo comes up! 🙂 🙂  

Just about 4 more hours and the main house will have a new roof.  Thursday and today we were on the roof very early in the morning–the Cowboy covered more parapets and I rolled the silicone coating.  By about 10:30am we were cooked, roasted and HOT!  We made great progress this morning and will need just a few hours early Saturday morning in order to be finished, done–with the roof.

In the afternoons we try to stay in the shade or in the house.  I’ve been packing some things which need to go back to Montana, cleaning out the cupboards and the refrigerator.  Today we loaded the truck with our last dump run and will take it to the transfer station on Saturday morning.  I saw one of the biggest dang spiders I’ve ever seen in my life while we were loading–UGH!

The Cowboy was going to rob the security door from the back door of the guest house to put on the front door of the main house.  We are blocking all access to the doors at the back of the house so we wouldn’t need a security door on the guest house back door.  Butttt–that security door was only 32 inches wide–oops!  Ace Hardware in Benson just happened to have a 36 inch security door–at least I didn’t have to go all the way to Sierra Vista!

Here comes the snake photo–I think he is an Arizona groundsnake–if anyone knows different please tell us.  I spotted him out in front of Emmi and me when we took our late evening walk.  I picked up Emmi and we scooted on by Mr. Snake.

Our valley has been filled with smoke all day–supposedly from a fire near Elephant Butte, New Mexico.  And our high temp was 88 degrees–UGH!

Only a few more days until we head for cooler country!


14 thoughts on “Quail And Snake

  1. What a beautifully colored snake! And that sunset, lovely! Congratulations on finishing up the roof. I figured you’d be up and at ’em a lot earlier in the morning. Safe travels!


  2. 94 in Las Vegas but the temperature is dropping significantly next week. You might as well stick around and take advantage of the lower temps.


  3. Love the quail! We are enjoying watching ours especially when they run along our wall. They are so cute:) That wasn’t a bad snake, really rather pretty. Great to hear the roof is almost finished!! Happy packing!


  4. 88* in Chelan today..But it’s cooling down now…All the flying critters have come out..The good one’s and those other unwanted…One skeeter tried to bite me last night..She is now skooshed…
    It has to be better up here in the summer than down there…
    Ride Safe!


    1. Yep, I agree–it has to be better weather in Montana than 100+ in Arizona. The diner you are referring to is Bill’s Place and it’s about 40 miles from us–out in the ranching community of Melville.


  5. P.S. Last week I found a diner close..sorta..to Big Timber; it is called Bob’s Place, if I remember correctly…Have you folks visited the place?..Sounded interesting with live music, bring your own sometimes, and great food, owners, and reviews..
    I forgot to mention it when I found it, so I may not have anything right…:+)….


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