We Are Busy, Busy

Gracious we are busy!  Tuesday I finished caging all the trees–I used wooden stakes to anchor each cage.  These stakes were the cut off ends of 2×4’s the Cowboy used on the roof to lessen the pitch.  Knowing the irrigation lines were buried to each tree I was a little nervous pounding a sharp pointed stake in three places around each tree!  But, I was lucky–the irrigation system ran this morning and there were no unexpected leaks!

 The Privet trees–a leafed evergreen which doesn’t lose its leaves in winter.I was on the roof when taking this photo so it’s hard to see the little trees.  The pine trees are about 20 inches tall now having grown six inches or more since we planted them.  All the trees have new needles and new growth.

After caging all the trees I started the John Deer lawn tractor and mowed our three acres.  We are thinking if we can keep the weeds from seeding by mowing it will be that much better.  I did spray some of the weeds Wednesday evening, particularly the ones in the gravel areas.

The Cowboy has been struggling with the heat while working on the roof–by about 11am it’s just too hot to be up there so he finds other things to do in the shade.  Yesterday he repaired an air compressor and today he put a new water pump on the red Chevy pickup.

Tuesday evening we had dinner with Dan and Louanne–we are all trying to clear out our refrigerators and I had a big pot roast in my freezer which Dan graciously agreed to smoke.  The meat was delicious but I think my favorite part of the meal was Dan’s homemade Cesear salad dressing!!  This will be the first time ever that I’ve not had a RV refrigerator for the trip back to Montana–we will take some stuff in well iced coolers but the frozen stuff has to be used before we go.

Today I was on the roof again–rolling on the Henry’s silicone coating–making good progress but I was ready to get off the roof at about the same time the Cowboy decided he had had enough.  We neither one do well in the heat–86 degrees and working in the sun just doesn’t cut it for either of us!

 The pecan tree you see to the left in this photo was one of only two trees which survived on this property.  There are native mesquite trees but the pecan trees are all that’s left of what was once a nice orchard. The little spruce tree which was our Christmas tree is also doing well–it has lots of new growth.

We are busy–but the end is in sight!

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