Fun Evening

Monday afternoon late we drove to Tombstone.  We have friends, Jim and Linda, who live in Tombstone year round.  We also have friends, Angie and Ralph, who winter in Tombstone living in their large 5th wheel on a shooting range just outside town.  Angie decided to host a pizza party today so we could all say goodbye for the season.  In addition to the six of us, Angie and Ralph invited other friends too–it was a great afternoon/evening–the food was so good and the company even better!  Thanks Angie for all your hard work!

We are still hard at work–maybe not quite so hard as we have worked but still at work.  The Cowboy’s tennis elbow is really aggravating him and he’s been taking things a little slower.  He blew a hydraulic hose on the backhoe Saturday afternoon so that was a good excuse to take it easy–he drove into Willcox to get a replacement hose this morning.

Remember we planted those little trees and used chicken wire to protect the trunks from the rabbits.  The trees are doing so well and we knew a larger protection cage was going to be needed–the trees are growing rapidly.  In Benson on Saturday I purchased rolls of welded wire and we made nice, round, tall cages for all eleven trees.  Both of us have sore fingertips from bending all that wire to make the cages.  It’s been my job to stake down the cages and yesterday I found the irrigation water line–oops!  I’m a pro at irrigation lines–that’s my job in Montana–I found a coupling, hose clamps and shears to cut the tubing.  I was back in business shortly! 🙂

It’s been snowing again in Montana and in spite of that we are both ready to head north–neither of us does well in the heat and 86 degrees is way too hot to be working on a roof in the sun.  We are steadily plugging away and should be ready to head for cooler temps and less work soon!

6 thoughts on “Fun Evening

  1. Your making a virtual oasis, what a
    change from when you arrived.
    Maybe we will get to see pictures of
    the trees ?


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