No Wind

Friday the Cowboy was once again on the roof in the wind–he had a deadline–to be ready for his helper who was coming on Saturday! Dan has offered time and again to help us and the Cowboy finally agreed.  The wind wasn’t as bad Friday and Saturday it was non-existent–wonderful!

I spent Friday morning raking debris from under the various mesquite trees and bushes we have on the property.  We’ve picked up so much junk around this place–yesterday was no exception–a metal cake pan half buried in the ground, old irrigation water lines, rusty metal cans, etc.  It’s amazing how much better/cleaner our property looks after owning it just over one year.

Our little trees are all doing so well and we even have an apple blossom!

I love last minute, spontaneous social invitations–Louanne called yesterday afternoon and invited us to dinner.  They will be leaving soon heading back to Oregon and like us are trying to cook anything and everything in the freezer/refrigerator/cupboards.  Last night’s menu was catfish–and Dan did a fabulous job–the Cowboy isn’t much of a fish person but even he liked the recipe Dan found in an old cookbook.  We provided a big pan of calico beans.  Louanne is a fabulous baker–we enjoyed homemade rolls and a to die for apple pie–I won’t ever take a pie over to Louanne’s–her crust was one of the best we’ve ever eaten!  Their friends Ted and Jeane were there too–they are former Montanans.  It was a great evening–at the last minute!

Today Dan was up on the roof helping the Cowboy lay the last of the long rolls of tar paper and rolled roofing.  They were finished by lunch time and Dan stayed for lunch–ham and leftover calico beans!  We are going to finish that roof!

I made a run to Benson this afternoon for a few groceries–yes, we are leaving but we were out of fruit and a few other things we will eat before departure.  I also had a list to fill for the Cowboy–more caulk, wire to protect the trees from rabbits/deer and two more rolls of rolled roofing–he doesn’t want to run out while finishing the last little bits of the roof.

Our yard is so colorful right now–the Mexican/California poppies are blooming everywhere.

When we’ve left Emmi home alone in the evenings such as we did Friday night we notice her standing up on the couch back looking out the window when we come home.  Today I spotted her in this position–a first!  She sat on the couch back in the motorhome but we’ve never seen Emmi sit up there on the house couch.

Life is good!

8 thoughts on “No Wind

  1. I have an overstuffed chair in the Study that Paddington gets on the minute I leave. He can see me come through the back door from that position. I’ve often gotten to the vehicle and had to go back in the house. I’ve caught him getting into position on that chair. It’s comforting to him and that’s what counts.


  2. My sister has a bay window that she no longer keeps potted plants in…..the dog has taken over that spot! Jumps on the couch and continues to the window. I often think it’s the canine version of TV – watch the world go by, watch for strangers, watch for family, watch for wildlife, etc. Emmi looks quite comfy there watching her world.
    ~ Linda K.


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