Someone Turns Two

Our great grandson Brooks turned two years old today–hard to believe!  Both Brooks and his sister Millee have been really sick the last few days–hopefully Montana weather will improve soon and they will get rid of all those nasty viruses!

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Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, eating, child, food and indoor

Goodness–the wind has been awful!  Thursday was the worst day but Wednesday and Friday were mighty windy too. The Cowboy was using a half sheet of OSB over a soft spot on the roof–he had lightly nailed this board.  Sometime Thursday evening that piece of lumber came flying off, over the roof and out into the yard.  We are very lucky it didn’t come through a window or damage the stucco.  Scared Emmi girl when it flew by the window!

Saturday and today the Cowboy has been on the roof working hard, long days.  I coated the parapets with rubberized paint today and sprayed weeds.  I also mucked out the house–Arizona is famous for its dust and when the wind blows as it did last week that dust finds its way into the house.  I am still loving that little stick vacuum cleaner–makes vacuuming almost pleasurable!

Our time in Arizona is winding down and we are starting to plan our departure.  The Cowboy thinks he can finish the roof and I’m sure I can finish all my tasks.



7 thoughts on “Someone Turns Two

  1. Glad no one or no things were injured when the board flew off. The wind has been gusty lately. Enough already!

    What is your stick vacuum again? Do you like it for both the tile and rugs? Half of our house is tile similar to what you have. I’ve never had tile before so I have to learn how to take care of it. We just had Stanley Steemer do the carpets and clean the tile and grout. Boy, we were shocked at how light the tile and grout actual are. The tile was a darker brown a week ago but now it is light tan!


    1. WOW–I deep cleaned my kitchen tile/grout in Montana a couple years ago and it looked so good my granddaughter said, “did you get new flooring!” I wouldn’t recommend the stick vacuum I have for carpets but it works great on tile floors. I vacuum my tile and damp mop with just water when needed.

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      1. What brand is your stick? They left a regular vacuum and also a stick vacuum. John was trying the stick on the tile. It definitely wouldn’t work on the carpet. Not enough suction. It is a Monster. Seemed to do a nice job on the tile. But it isn’t wireless. Is yours wireless?


  2. Don’t hurry your trip back here!!!! Only 4 inches of snow here this morning Winter just won’t give up lol lol We even have the wind here also


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