Just A Touch Warm

The warm temps help the alfalfa grow giving the area farmers seven cuttings per year.  A little water helps too I bet!

Our thermometer said 94 degrees Tuesday afternoon and the Cowboy was on the roof–he drinks lots of water and tells me he works at a slow pace.  Emmi and I have been hibernating inside in the cooler house.  It’s my job to keep the Cowboy supplied with cold water and good food.

Before retirement (ha, ha!) we owned an excavation company–digging various type holes, building roads, installing septic systems, etc.  In Billings we had wholesale accounts at two different supply companies–Crescent Electric and Mountain Supply for plumbing supplies.  These two companies are awesome–they always have what you need and the customer service at both businesses is very good.

We’ve not had that experience in Arizona.  Home Depot nor Lowes had the heavy gauge wire the Cowboy needs for this electrical upgrade we are doing.  Neither did Crescent Electric in Sierra Vista.  We tried ordering the wire from Home Depot and that was a disaster.  So, Mr. Google to the rescue and the Cowboy on the phone bright and early Monday morning calling electrical supply companies in Tucson.  Success and I was in the truck heading to Tucson by 9am.  Outlet Electrical in Tucson is the sort of company you enjoy giving your business.  Fast, knowledgeable and helpful.

And I went to the Quilt Basket again!!–a very welcoming store and in the course of telling me “good morning and can we help you,” I said, “I just want to look, I am in Tucson by myself without a husband waiting for me in the truck, I just want to browse!”  That statement earned a lot of laughs and words of sympathy! 🙂

With stops at Costco and Target I was home by 3pm and greeted by a happy little Emmi.

Today was “dump” day–we take our garbage to the transfer station rather than paying to have the trash picked up by a garbage company.  The drive is scenic–the country road leading to the transfer site is lined with alfalfa fields and pecan trees.  As were were driving along I spotted something in one of the pecan trees–a nest and an owl sitting in the nest.  The only camera I had with me was the cellphone and the owl was too far up in the tree to get a good photo with the phone.  I went back out later with a camera and got these shots–

6 thoughts on “Just A Touch Warm

  1. Always feels more like a home town when you find a supplier with good customer service! I’m ready for some cooler days, but not sure I’m ready for the expected high winds 😦 Gorgeous owl. I love how it blends in with the tree. Amazing you saw the nest!!


  2. It is warming up, but we are cooling down next week back to the 70’s!! Good that the Cowboy is being careful working in the heat and you are taking good care of him. Glad you found the necessary supplies:) It’s always fun to have time to just browse all alone:) Love the owl!! So cool!


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