You Won’t Believe It

Our friend Louanne called a couple weeks ago to see if I had any interest in participating in a run/walk to benefit the Amerind Museum.  Well–even though it’s been a long time since I ran, I thought I could handle the walking part of a 5K and I agreed,  Saturday was a partly sunny day and very warm with the 5K runners/walkers not starting until 9:20am.  It was a very easy walk along a road with just a couple uphill sections.  The scenery is gorgeous and it was fun getting to know Louanne a little better, chatting as we walked.

Proof that I actually did participate–and no, I didn’t win a medal–everyone who crossed the finish line received one of these.

Friday we made a run to Sierra Vista–the roofing job required more OSB and other miscellaneous stuff.  I needed embroidery thread and found that at the local quilt shop.  Lunch was at our typical fast food spot–Culvers–as they have outdoor seating and we of course had the Emmi girl with us.

The Cowboy placed those straps in the bed of the truck before the Home Depot guys loaded the OSB.  The backhoe lifts the load and I drive the pickup away.

Saturday the Cowboy worked on the roof making headway.  Saturday evening we were invited to Dan and Louanne’s for dinner.  Dan is the main chef in that household and he uses his electric smoker frequently.  He smoked a beef roast and it was divine as were the butter potatoes!  I’m not a thousand island salad dressing fan but Dan’s homemade dressing could convert me!  It was a very enjoyable evening with the two of them plus their neighbors Brian and Sally.

Today–Sunday–was a day of rest.  After church we had some couch time examining the backs of our eyelids.  Mid afternoon I made lunch and we had some more couch time.

 Some of the scenery we saw during the run/walk.  The bright sun didn’t help my photography.

The wind howled today blowing bits of old tar paper off the roof into the yard.  Monday and Tuesday are to be calm hopefully and then the wind is to really blow!

7 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe It

  1. The rocks you saw on your walk remind me of Joshua Tree and the jumbo rocks there. More creativity with using the back hoe! We have a few very windy days coming here in Boulder City, as well. But they are blowing in some more spring like temps and blowing out the hot weather!!


    1. After reading your comment I checked our weather forecast, two days of little wind, three days of really, really windy then as you said cooler temps which I and the roof building Cowboy can live with!

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    1. Yep, a participation award plus Louanne and I weren’t last either!! They had these tracking chips attached to our shoes to make sure we all came back from the course!


  2. How fun to get out for a 5k through the desert! Love the rocks along the way.
    That backhoe is like having a team to help out 🙂 Winds up to 45 mph expected here in Las Vegas the next couple days.


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