Friends Visit

Many, many years ago, probably 2003–2004 we met a couple at a shooting range west of Tucson.  We were participating in Cowboy Action Shooting at the time as was Jim.  His wife Linda didn’t shoot.  They were full time RVers living in their new 5th wheel. We attended many of the same shoots and occasionally camped near each other in various places across Arizona.  Jim and Linda would “babysit” our previous little schnauzer Jazz. A few years ago Jim and Linda gave up the RVing life and purchased a home in Tombstone–a cool, older home which they have made into a beautiful/comfortable spot.

Jim and Linda came for lunch yesterday and spent the afternoon with us–we had a great time–just yakking the afternoon away!! 🙂  I had cooked a delicious brisket which we enjoyed with the best potato salad I’ve made in a long time.  Homemade ice cream with chocolate cake for dessert–yep, we dined well!

Today was my volunteer at the library day and the Cowboy invited our friend Dan over to help with a project–his usual helper declined the offer! 🙂 The local power company has lots of rules/regulations for new meter installs and burying power lines.  The Cowboy had assembled his new meter box and conduit but needed some muscle in order to mount the apparatus on the power pole at the specified height.  Thus we had Dan!

It made me so nervous ( I hadn’t left for the library yet) to see how close that pole was getting to the power lines but the Cowboy assured me the wires were heavily insulated.  Both guys are still navigating so I guess he was right! 😉

 I love these quail and the noise they make.I’m out of here, you are way too close!

With the wind and dust our sunsets are quite colorful at times–

It was a touch too warm for roof work this afternoon so the Cowboy has been building a bracket on the John Deere lawn tractor to hold our 15 gallon weed spray tank–I will be in business!

10 thoughts on “Friends Visit

  1. Ya never have to worry about what a hand might be up to until you hear: “Hold my beer… stand back… and watch this…” 😎


  2. I love reading about the clever things Michael has done recently. Your sunsets have been beautiful…the only good thing about blowing sand. I, too, enjoy listen to the quail. We had them all over the RV Park we stayed in in Boulder City. I sure hope we see them at our house.


  3. Thanks again for the wonderful visit and lunch. You forgot to mention the delicious Cole Slaw.
    And glad we got the Cowboy off the roof for a few hours! 😄


  4. How fun that you’ve landed near your friends! Lunch sounds amazing of course 🙂 Watching quail fly makes me laugh – they are so awkward in the air. Beautiful sunset.


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