What A Change


What do you think??  The upper photo is a realtor photo taken before we purchased the property.  This photo was taken this afternoon after the Cowboy turned the corner and started around the front of the house.  It’s amazing how different the houses look! The two small, high windows are in what will be the master bedroom–and we will probably install larger windows.

I didn’t get a photo but these parapets are now enclosed with OSB board–we had talked about stuccoing the brick on the outside but now we can see how the brick will look with the southwest style roof–and we like it.  So maybe no stucco over the bricks.

Emmi and I ran into this jackrabbit during our evening walk.  I think something was wrong with him–he let us get way too close–they are usually very skittish but he let me get within 10 feet taking photos.  When we turned around to head home, there he was again and Emmi started to give chase but I called her back (it’s so nice to have a dog that obeys!)–didn’t want to stress him if he is actually ill.

Looks kind of skinny doesn’t he?

I assigned myself a dirty, grubby job this morning–there is so much I can’t do but I can pick up the garbage and clean up.  So, I pulled old, nasty insulation from the rafters, loading it and all the drywall we’ve knocked down over the last few days into the truck.  It’s a pickup load to say the least!!

And just in time for Easter–I made one of these Buggy Barn bunny quilts several years ago and gave it to my niece for Easter one year.  I purchased fabric to make myself a bunny quilt but that’s one of those projects which was never started.  I’m not real happy with all my fabric choices–not enough contrast so I may have to purchase a few more fat quarters.  There are nine bunnies in the quilt and I made two today–the other one is not a keeper–not enough contrast.


20 thoughts on “What A Change

  1. Wow! What a transformation! It is amazing how nice the guest house came out. Now the main house is really taking shape. Beautiful work, Michael! Every great carpenter needs a gopher and clean up crew. You fit that description perfectly, Janna:) What a cool mushroom cloud!! Cute little bunny. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!


  2. Love the house going from nondescript ordinary to a true southwest gem. I am kinda a low contrast girl actually, sometimes the really high contrast in some quilts gives me an eye ache. The bunny block looks great.


  3. I wonder where the rain goes behind the parapet, when there’s a gullywasher of a storm. I agree, the brick looks beautiful with the stucco, gives another texture to the outside of the house, and less work! That last photo has such a variety of blues in it, contrasted with the golds on the ground!! Such hard work by both of you, and lovely photos, thank you.


    1. Ruth, if you look closely you can see the “scuppers”, three of them along the top edge of the new parapet wall. Those scuppers drain the roof which still has a good slope behind those parapets and the Cowboy has made sure to use carefully spaced scuppers–don’t want any standing water up there!


  4. Wow! The difference is amazing. Your home is beautiful and looks so good in its surroundings. Rabbit does look skinny and we do not have a dog that will obey a voice command. They practically choke themselves trying to get out of their harnesses to chase.


    1. It is amazing isn’t it Sandie! Our Jazz, a schnauzer also would choke herself on a harness and would NOT come when called. I swore I would never have another dog who wouldn’t obey–so I made myself learn how to teach a dog to come–and it worked!


  5. House coming along Beautifully, I agree no stucco on brick! I am always eager to see the pictures of the transformation! You all are doing a wonderful job!


    1. Thanks so much Gail–we have moments when we say, “what have we done” and other moments in which we are so excited to see the transformation of this little abandoned property!


  6. Even the change in the big house is huge since we were there!! It’s going to be a show-stopper when done. Your rabbit does look pretty sickly :-(( Good thing to keep Emmi away. I love your views!!


  7. So nice to see pictures since this is a journey
    that you have let us follow. So exciting and interesting.
    Thank you.
    It’s an amazing change…. Looking nice!


  8. Wow – I love that you are working to transform the neglected house into a lovely home. I bet looking at those before and after pictures helps to ease the muscle ache and replace it with pride of work well done! Keep up the wood work. And that last picture – I do find weather fascinating and gorgeous.
    ~ Linda K.


    1. The Cowboy sometimes wonders why we didn’t just bull doze the whole thing and start over–might have been easier!!! It is so cool to look back at photos and see how awful it was and now how beautiful it is becoming!


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