It’s Hard To Believe

That this old, icky looking house is going to be a work of art when the Cowboy finishes! 🙂 We are going to keep the brick on the inside walls but stucco over the brick on the outside.  This pinkish wall you are seeing closest to the brick will be  living/dining and the other half of that wall will leave giving us an outdoor patio.

The Cowboy removes the eaves and frames in the southwest style parapet.  Once we get all the new windows and doors installed (probably next season) we will have the whole building stuccoed including the brick.

Monday morning we woke to a howling wind so roof work was not an option.  The Cowboy removed walls inside the house and now we are starting to see a plan.  It’s exciting to actually see what we can make happen with the main house.

Sunday the Cowboy worked on the roof until the wind drove him off then he moved inside and used the table saw to cut lumber for the roof.  After church and making lunch I had an afternoon of sewing and finished a project–YEA!!! I can’t remember when I made this vow to myself–one or two years ago.  I had so many unfinished projects–fabric and patterns I had purchased or been given and never even started.  I vowed to not buy any more fabric or patterns until I finished all the projects I had on hand.  I’ve stuck to that vow–I have purchased small amounts of fabric/wool to finish projects but no large amounts of fabrics and no patterns.

The fabric and pattern for this table runner was given to me by my sister two or three years ago on my birthday.  It wasn’t an easy project–a quilt retreat buddy, Barb–had made this exact table runner at one retreat.  I remember Barb struggling with all the small pieces of the applique section.  To say I struggled was an understatement! But it’s finished and I love it!

6 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Believe

  1. Your Cowboy is one very talented guy. I can’t wait to see what happens to that Main house, especially after seeing it when we did. I’m sure there is wonderful magic going on there. Love you table runner! Way too many small pieces. What a very artist, talented duo you are:)


  2. I love it too! (your runner)
    I can’t wait to see the house when it’s finished as it’s even harder for the reader to imagine. I love that you are going traditional AZ/NM stucco. I love that style. It’s going to be beautiful!
    As always I enjoy your photography.


    1. I’ve always wanted a southwest/Santa Fe style house but just never found one in my budget. My Cowboy must love me because it would have been sooooo much simpler to just slap a new roof on these houses rather than create a southwest style house from a ranch style house!!


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