Roof Progress

My Cowboy is determined to have a roof on the main house before we head back to Montana for the summer.  He is putting in some long days and even managed to work in the gale force winds we had on Thursday.  I’m glad he is a careful carpenter–he parks the backhoe close to the house and raises the bucket level with the roof edge.  He then places his ladder up to the roof with one side braced against the backhoe bucket–we don’t need any accidents around here!  In the below photo you can see where the old roof was attached to the two houses–very poorly built and leaked like a sieve!

This photo shows how the Cowboy is building the new roof which will join the two houses–the white you see on the far right is the new roof of the guest house.

Once again I’ve been doing routine chores–laundry, ironing, cooking, etc.  I did make a fast run to Sierra Vista Thursday afternoon after my volunteer shift at the library.  You may recall we purchased a bed frame with padded headboard from Amazon plus a memory foam mattress.  The bed frame was an engineering marvel and came packed in a box which UPS delivered.  But–like many platform beds, it sits too low and we felt as if we were sleeping on the floor.  So, I saw a box spring for sale in Sierra Vista–thus my rapid run there and back–most people selling box springs also have a dilapidated mattress they want to sell you but this was just a queen box spring.  Now the bed is normal height and we will see how it sleeps tonight.

It’s spring break in this area bringing lots of young boys into the library.  They use the computers to play games–every computer was being used yesterday by these high energy boys–it was comical to watch.  We only had to tell them to quieten twice all morning long.  And once I sneezed–and I’m not a quiet sneezer–one of the kiddos said very loudly, “bless you!”  Made me smile!!  Only once did I have to ask one of the boys to give up a computer so an adult could use it for a few minutes–the young man who volunteered to relinquish his computer did so very quickly and politely.

We were treated to a gorgeous sunset tonight–probably from all the dust in the air–it sure has been incredibly windy!

And back to the vanilla story–I had several people comment saying they or family members made their own vanilla using some type of alcohol such as vodka and vanilla beans.  Well–if the price of vanilla is ridiculous it would stand to reason vanilla beans might be expensive too???  Patti confirmed this reasoning–she found vanilla beans for $150/package!!!  WOW!

6 thoughts on “Roof Progress

  1. Michael is a real work horse! So glad to hear how careful he is. The wind has been so bad for the past couple days. Enough already! I thought of you when we toured our new home. You seem to do a lot of ironing. I have an ironing board built into a cabinet on the wall in our bedroom! I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ll probably never use it! Haha! Hope the bed worked! Beautiful sunset:)


  2. That was a beautiful sunset photo can’t believe how red it was. And I bet you are working day and night because your leaving date is fast approaching a good luck, in all your projects


  3. Always nice to experience polite young people – it’s rare we run into rude kids, but there’s something about “quiet in the library” that seems special 🙂 That roof “bridge” is no small task. I’m sure you’ll both be glad to have it done! Gorgeous skies!!


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