A Different Direction

Temps have cooled again and Sunday morning it felt damp as if it would rain–never did rain and the sun came out later in the day but the clouds made for interesting photos.

We have yet to make up our minds about a RV–and in less than two months we need to head back to Montana with our CanAm and other belongings.  Do we need a RV??  We have the truck camper in Montana for our summer travels–do we need another RV?? The Cowboy has looked at cargo trailers but I don’t think he ever wants to pull a bumper pull trailer of any sort ever again.  Gooseneck cargo trailers are hard to find and when you do find one, the trailer is frequently way too long for our needs.  So, what does a Cowboy do–he looks for something familiar–a horse trailer!

The open areas you see at the top have smoked Plexiglas inserts, making the trailer quite weatherproof.  We will use it for our trip back to Montana and then for our return in the fall.  We have lots of building supplies in Montana such as beautiful windows and doors which we can now haul to Arizona.  It’s aluminum and light weight for its size.

Giving me the evil eye!
Enjoying his/her dinner.

While in Tombstone Sunday looking at the trailer we made a very quick stop to see our friend Angie and Ralph–they are camped just north of Tombstone on a shooting range.  Angie told me about this tragedy which could have been so much worse.  About one week ago on a very windy night at the Wells Fargo RV Park in downtown Tombstone, a RV caught fire.  Before the fire could be controlled, three more units caught fire and all four RVs were destroyed.  All the occupants and pets escaped without injury.  You can see how closely spaced these sites are in this RV park–that and the wind made for a tragic event!  It’s amazing to us more rigs didn’t catch fire and a testament to the skills of Tombstone’s volunteer fire department!


6 thoughts on “A Different Direction

  1. Yikes! All those RVs destroyed…After these kinds of fires in smallish places like Tombstone, I wonder how these folks get along.Where do they go on such short notice and how do they fare? The Red Cross only pays for a night or two in a motel. After that, the RC counsels and can advise, but beyond that, these people here must proceed on their own. I hope these folks had insurance. At least that will help.


  2. John said to tell Michael that he doesn’t own a horse for that “horse” trailer!! Haha! Smart idea Michael! You always find an great solution to your needs:) Wow! That was quite a fire. So glad everyone got out safely.


  3. I think we did an overnighter in that Tombstone RV Park back in January of 2007. If Mike were to put one of his sawhorses into that horse trailer it would make it official.


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