Candy, Wool, Guests And A Motorhome For Sale

Emmi autographed the concrete.  The Cowboy poured another footing and when he wasn’t looking—

I have a sweet tooth–a large sweet tooth!  I love cakes, pies, cookies and almost any form of candy.  As I’ve aged, I’ve learned to control my habit to a certain extent but when Easter rolls around and jelly beans appear on the shelves–all bets are off.  I LOVE the Lifesaver flavored jelly beans–

Harder and harder to find!  This year I couldn’t find these–not in the grocery stores, not in the pharmacy stores such as CVS but imagine my surprise when looking for something else in our local Dollar General–there they were!  I only allowed myself two packages!!

I’ve started a little wool project for my sister and realized I didn’t bring enough wool from Montana.  Winterberry Cabin  to the rescue!  They have these very reasonably priced “gradation sets” of hand dyed wool–soft and beautiful colors.

There is a long held belief in the RV world–when you travel in a RV it is easy to make friends.  We found this to be true time and time again–some of our best friends are people we met through RVing.  When you move to a neighborhood it’s harder.  Some people living next door to each other never develop relationships and sometimes never even meet.  Leaving behind our circle of friends in North Ranch was incredibly hard for both of us and we’ve found it difficult to make new friends here in Pearce.

We invited a couple from church, Stephanie and Larry to have dinner with us last night.  Simple meal–hamburgers on the grill but we so enjoyed visiting with them!  Both Larry and Stephanie were born and raised in Montana. They lived in Ennis, Montana for years, have owned a home in this community since 1991 and now summer in Wyoming.  They are in the outfitting business and know many, many of the same people we do.  They are also “dog people” with a one year old lab named Sarah.

Our Emmi can be very standoffish with people she doesn’t know and even with people she has been around frequently such as the ATVing group from North Ranch.  Emmi loves Geri and Larry and will allow them to pick her up–anybody else trying to pick her up earns a growl and sometimes a snap.  Emmi fell in love with the new Larry last night–snuggling right up and allowing him to pet her for the longest time.  I told her the other Larry was going to be jealous!

It was a super enjoyable evening and we continued tonight–the local VFW hall has a monthly steak night.  When Al and Kelly were here we were going to the steak night but they had sold out by 5:30–so no steak.  Tonight we were determined to try again and invited Larry and Stephanie to join us.  Success and the best steak we have eaten since leaving Montana!  Friendly, welcoming people too!

Our friends Nina and Paul of Wheelingit are moving to Europe. 😦  They are selling their 2008 Holiday Rambler motorhome–outfitted with a fantastic solar system, four slides and has less than 50,000 miles on the odometer.  Nina and Paul are the original owners and have been meticulous about maintenance.  If you click on the above link it will take you to their post giving all the details about their beautiful motorhome.  They recently dropped the price making it a super deal!!  I love this photo–I borrowed it from their website–it shows how they used every single bit of real estate on top of that motorhome for solar panels.  Nina and Paul are avid boondockers and loved being out away from the masses–thus all the solar.


10 thoughts on “Candy, Wool, Guests And A Motorhome For Sale

  1. New concrete always needs a child to put their print there. So glad Emmi found a way to get her prints there for forever! I so understand what you mean about enjoying a certain candy and then not being able to find it. I love dark chocolate and mint. Hershey made a sampler pack of their mini squares at one time at Christmas. I fell in love. I was so excited for next Christmas only to discover that I couldn’t find them anywhere:( Glad you finally found your jelly beans! Emmi really likes her new buddy!


    1. I tried a different kind of jelly bean this year but YUK–they didn’t make the cut! The only candy we keep in the house usually is the dark chocolate/caramel squares Costco has most of the time–I can eat just one of those but jelly beans are a different matter altogether!

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      1. Our friends have a thing for Russel Stovers pectin jelly beans and only these. Last year Walker Drugs in Moab had them at 50% off after Easter. They bought all 15 bags! They haven’t found them yet this year. Funny how are tastes are specific:)


  2. Larry Gus, feels betrayed by Emmi, but at least she kept the name the same! Don’t let her fool you she knew exactly what she was doing with that wet cement she wanted her mark on the property also. LOL


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