The Beam Is In Place

The logistics of getting that 300 pound beam over our heads and up against the rafters has caused loss of sleep for me.  Of course the Cowboy probably knew exactly how he was going to do it and today was the day.  As I’ve said before, thank goodness for the backhoe!!

The Cowboy making notches in the rafters for the beam. He has all ready removed every other ceiling joist.
Outside of house before we started.
Notice the hole above the window–yep we are going to thread the beam into that hole!!
In goes the beam.  
Inch by inch with the Cowboy in the backhoe and me inside the house giving directions.

After the  beam was in place, the Cowboy removed the remainder of the ceiling joists.  We will insulate against the ceiling and hang drywall.  It’s going to look great!!  Exciting!! And now the roof doesn’t sag!

I had the urge to cook today.  Pot roast in the Instant Pot served with mashed potatoes/gravy/carrots and the best broccoli I’ve ever eaten.   Of course the Cowboy didn’t think it was so great–he doesn’t eat broccoli.

While looking for furniture a couple months ago I saw a sewing machine cabinet for sale in Sierra Vista.  We were doing a Home Depot run and stopped to look at the cabinet–the Cowboy thought he could make it work.  Well–he didn’t have to do any modification–it fit!!!

And let’s talk about tight spaces!!!  The Cowboy needs to pour another concrete footing in this area where the roof of the two houses is joined .  He was determined not to use that manual shovel!!  🙂  Again I was the direction giving guide–YIKES!!

And we had bird visitors–

14 thoughts on “The Beam Is In Place

  1. Wow! Those glue-lam beams are hugely heavy! When we had to do something similar, we had three sons help…but I think a back-hoe is probably safer. Nice work.


  2. Amazing work and Beautiful! Scary too! I can’t wait to see it finished. I loved the new sewing cabinet.
    I’m with the Cowboy on the Broccoli.
    Loved the pics!


    1. It was scary but I have faith in the Cowboy–he can do anything! Shame on you for not eating broccoli–but seriously, I’m not a real fan of broccoli but I will eat it.


  3. Nice pictures! Most of us are greedy for the pictures, thanks.
    What a team you are, super work.
    Really a sharp cabinet, you did very well.
    Things are certainly coming together for this huge project.


  4. I know what you mean Jana I’m the director many times not that I like the job but that’s the peon part of the two jobs. Good job Mike and Janna


  5. Good job on that big beam…let’s hear it for backhoes!
    Nice deal on the sewing machine cabinet too. Is that machine a 7550? That’s what mine is and I love it. I hope it lives forever!


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