Busy Days, Slow Days

Saturday I was energetic–the Cowboy had installed water lines to all the newly planted trees and it was my job to install the correct little thingy (technical term) so each tree/shrub would get the right amount of water.  I mulched each tree and installed those little “gallons per hour” emitters.  Then the hard part–I had to program the timer/control box!  After a couple of tries, water was finally running in the right amount, at the right time and for the right duration.  Success!

The Cowboy was also busy–concrete pouring has begun.  As I’ve said in the past–the Cowboy is frugal and if he can do it himself, he prefers to do so.  The backhoe is starting now that it has a new battery and the cement mixer was moved closer to the house.  The Cowboy dug most of the footing with the backhoe but still had to use that manual shovel a bit–I was busy so he couldn’t give it to me! 🙂

We were both moving a touch slow by Saturday evening–that was a busy day!

Sunday the Cowboy readied some more forms and today he poured concrete again.  I on the other hand was a social butterfly–I went to yoga and quilt group.  It’s amazing what you can find at the Dollar Store–the glue stick I had with me was kaput–dried up–so I left quilt group to see if one of our two Dollar Stores had a glue stick.  Found one and I also found some chalk which worked–it is children’s sidewalk chalk in multi colors but there was ONE stick of white chalk in the $1 container–a bargain!  And it’s amazing what you can’t find at the Dollar Store–no yogurt at either store???

It was one of those windy days in the Sulphur Springs valley and tomorrow is to be even more windy–makes us think we are back in Big Timber.


2 thoughts on “Busy Days, Slow Days

  1. I get tried just reading your posts. Good Michael is so talented and can handle all the restorations himself with his trusty assistant:) Glad you had a day “off” doing your fun activities:)


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