Back To Work

Since the rain/cold weather started we’ve been slacking–not much work going on around here–and if you believe that I have some Arizona ocean front property to sell you! 🙂

The Home Depot delivery arrived on Thursday afternoon–looks like a LOT of work doesn’t it–not all of it was ours!  Wednesday I volunteered at the library then we headed to Willcox to pick up the support beam for the main house.  That dang thing was beyond heavy! And today the beam went back to Willcox–when unloading the beam at home we discovered a huge gouge out of one side probably caused by the forklift.  This is to be an exposed beam so a gouge wasn’t acceptable–the lumber yard has ordered us another one–due on Wednesday.

While I was at the library on Wednesday the Cowboy finished installing the drip system to the newly planted trees. Now with water, hopefully the little trees will grow their predicted four feet per year!

Remember the cement mixer–well, the Cowboy is ready to start using it–the Home Depot truck delivered the sakrete–which is pre-mixed concrete.  Friday the Cowboy wanted to start digging for the footings which will support the wall we are adding to tie the two house together.  He tried to start the backhoe–nope–wouldn’t start.  It was chilly, about 37 degrees.  The battery charger died and the backhoe would not jump start (jumper cables were probably bad) using the diesel pickup–OK, what else is going to die???  The Cowboy removed the battery from the truck and put it in the backhoe–started right away.  So, we were off to Willcox to buy a new battery–might as well take that beam which we did.

Has anyone tried the Pioneer Woman Salisbury Steak Meatball recipe? We did last night and it was delicious!  I also tried a recipe for homemade buttermilk ranch dressing and it too was fabulous.  I am partial to vinaigrette salad dressings but the Cowboy likes “white” salad dressings.  The ingredient list on a bottle of store bought dressing scares me! 🙂  Every other homemade “white” dressing I have tried–I haven’t been thrilled with the taste.  This one had the right combination!

Does anyone other than myself still iron their clothes–is it a southern thing??–my sister and Mom still iron.  I don’t iron all our clothes, only the ones we might wear out in public but it took me almost an hour of ironing to catch up today.

Now, just look at these sweet grand babies!

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6 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. I do believe that your second beam should be delivered to you since they damaged it and you made two trip already and still have no beam:) I knew you were pulling our leg to let us think you were sitting around…haha!!

    No, I don’t iron…unless very necessary (which was a year ago December for our daughter’s wedding). We just wear clothes that don’t require ironing…much easier:) But I do have an iron and ironing board:)

    Such darn cute great grandchildren:)


    1. I thought the same thing but nope, we had to take that one back and now we will go again on Wednesday and get the new beam. The Cowboy doesn’t know what “clothes that don’t require ironing” are–the man doesn’t own a t-shirt, polo shirt, nothing knit–just all cotton western style long sleeve shirts. I don’t iron his every day shirts, just the ones for “going to town.”

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  2. Yes, I’m still ironing ……some things I like to
    wear just demand ironing. My husband’s cowboy,
    heavy material shirts, go straight to the cleaners for them to
    do a sparkling, spiffy job!
    ( have a pile waiting for me ).
    I do have a built in wall ironing board….. Which I can
    flip out easily to iron a quick blouse. Yes it’s the
    Texas way. ( smile )


    1. When I lived in a larger city, I took all our cotton clothing to the dry cleaners where the clothes were starched and ironed. No dry cleaners here in this little community or in Big Timber, MT.


  3. Why yes, I am up till after midnight several times a week ironing all my clothes. Kelly’s too. Some days I go around knocking on neighbors doors to see if they have any ironing for me to do. Once I ironed all the wrinkles out of an Elephants hide. The Elephant of course owned some Arizona ocean front property……or so I was told:))


  4. That’s quite the delivery truck!! Bet they were grateful you have lots of room to turn it around. I stopped ironing about three years before I retired. Work stuff went to the dry cleaners. Michael’s lucky to have a wife who still irons his shirts – but he does make you pretty houses :-)) Those grandbabies are adorable, and getting so bit!!


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