More Rain And RV Homeless

By Sunday morning the puddles were smaller and there was some warming sunshine.  By Sunday afternoon dark clouds were growing and about 10pm we had a major downpour with even more rain waking us several times during the night.  The storm last night brought our rainfall total up to two inches–amazing!Monday morning rainbow.  I was off to yoga early leaving the Cowboy to his puttering.  After lunch I suggested we go to Sierra Vista–the Cowboy needed to cause major “ouch” on the credit card–supplies for the roof of the main house and we also needed to return an item we ordered online from Home Depot.  It was so chilly and windy no work was going to happen outside so off we went after I returned from getting my hair cut.

As many of you know, we are RV homeless for the first time since 2002 (we do still own the truck camper and it’s in Montana). We are struggling–do we buy a RV or go without??  Do we travel back and forth in the truck, staying in hotels along the way??  With the truck do we pull a cargo trailer with the CanAm inside??  If we do buy a RV what do we get???  Class C motorhomes just don’t do it for us but we certainly don’t need another 40 foot motorhome just to travel back and forth.  The Cowboy wants a 24 foot motorhome with a 500hp CAT engine and he also wants it to only be nine feet tall–anyone know where we can find one of those??? 🙂 🙂



12 thoughts on “More Rain And RV Homeless

  1. The rain keeps coming which is great for the area. We were surprised by the rain we got last night that we weren’t expecting til we hear it on the roof. Beautiful double rainbow:)
    I guess Michael better get busy with that MH creation. I’m sure he can pull it off:)


  2. Most MHs are at least Ten Feet Tall and the new ones are no longer using CAT Engines. If you look at a “B” Class they aren’t that roomy but you have the necessities with you and the new Mercedes Diesel is powerful and fuel efficient.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.


  3. Beautiful rainbows!! That was a wonderful rain.

    I think Michael is on to something – many of us don’t need the huge interior space, but want the towing power! One of the things that helped sell us on our coach was the 360 hp vs the 320-350 in the other 35′ units we looked at.


    1. He had a 450 CAT and would really like to have something with a bit more horsepower than is found in most Class C or B motorhomes. Some motorhomes have less horsepower than our truck!!!


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