Fog In Arizona

The phone rang early Friday morning–it was my hairdresser canceling my 8:30am haircut appointment as she doesn’t like to drive in fog.  Huh???  Fog in Arizona??  Yep, Friday morning and again this morning we had heavy, heavy fog.

The Dragoon Mountains are out there somewhere in that soup!

It rained for almost 48 hours straight, a nice, slow, steady rain and most of it was just absorbed by the desert sand.  Our gauge showed it rained almost one and one half inches over that 48 hours–wonderful!!  As I said, most of the rain was absorbed but we did have a few puddles–

Thursday afternoon late I drove out to the Grapevine Ranch/Oasis for yoga and the roads were incredibly muddy.  The Cowboy spent all morning today washing both trucks–it was sticky mud!

Friday was a Sierra Vista day–the Cowboy needed scaffolding–

and I needed interfacing for a sewing project I am starting.  We had a good lunch at the Outback and came home in the rain/fog.

Today the Cowboy started work in the living room of the main house.  He removed the drywall and insulation last week to find the builders of that house didn’t have a clue what they were doing.  There are no trusses and no supporting beams for the roof–the entire roof was supported by a 2×8 ridge pole attached to a single vertical piece of plywood sheeting on the front of the house.  The 2×8 ridge pole spanned sixteen feet and had sagged over two inches.  It’s amazing how that single sheet of vertical plywood supported one end of the ridge pole for all these years!

Our drip catchers during the rain–

The Cowboy also removed the kitchen cabinets, drywall and insulation from one wall in the kitchen.  All those pipes will be removed and new pipes installed in a different spot–the sink will be on the opposite wall and the cook stove will be on this wall.

The Montana geraniums I cut back and brought to AZ are blooming beautifully.


10 thoughts on “Fog In Arizona

  1. Wow, no trusses! After going through our house building project, your description made total sense to me, actually no sense at all in that one! Fun to see the Cowboy doing all that work. We had someone build our house this time, and they remembered the trusses, too. Rain and fog in Arizona. We left just in time


  2. You did have some fog! Wow! It was a great rain for the desert. Things should come alive this week:) You two really have a huge project with the main house. Thank goodness the guest house is so comfy and cute so you don’t have to rush with the other house.


  3. Did you happen to check-out the webcams up in Montana today?
    Pretty white out and still dumping here in Chelan…Hmmm..rain or snow…Hmmmm…


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