Grateful For The Rain

Sprinkled rain most of Wednesday–there is a joke in Arizona where people say, “we had an inch of rain—an inch between the two drops that fell!” 🙂  No accumulation until it began to rain harder during the night and it has rained most of today–we have almost an inch in the rain gauge–very grateful.  This part of Arizona has a rain deficit of five inches for the year.

Wednesday morning I spent at the library learning the ropes–I loved it!  The computer system was easy and the rest of it I remembered from high school where I helped in the library at times.  The highlight of yesterday morning was when an elderly, tall, thin man came in with a load of books to return.  I noticed his “World War II veteran” cap and when he asked me something I said, “anything for a World War II veteran.”  That statement opened the floodgates and he talked to me telling me war stories for more than thirty minutes.  I told him about Nat’s service as a bomber on B29 aircraft over the Pacific and more than likely the two of them might have been in the same area during the war.  This gentleman served on a merchant marine ship which carried the bombs to the B29 aircraft.  I so enjoyed talking to him–when I came home I called Nat and told him the story.

The Cowboy took me to Willcox for Valentine’s Day late lunch and we made a grocery store run too.  Today we had a treat–Pam and John plus Jodee, Bill and Tessa  came to see our place and to have lunch.  Pam and John are currently in Tucson and Jodee and Bill are at a friend’s home in Tombstone.  We had such an enjoyable afternoon–they all received the nickel tour, we visited then enjoyed a fabulous lunch which Jodee and Pam contributed to.  A great day!

After the gang left I changed clothes and headed out to the Grapevine Oasis, formerly the Grapevine Ranch which sits up in the foothills of the Dragoon Mountains.  The Monday morning yoga teachers were starting a Thursday afternoon class at the Oasis.  They announced this class at our Monday morning session and stated it would be an intermediate class–well, thanks to Julia back in Montana I can handle an intermediate yoga class!  Yoga twice a week–fantastic!

One relaxed Tessa dog!  I have a rule–I don’t post unflattering photos of people–we took a group photo with several different devices but the one on my camera wasn’t the most flattering to some of us–we looked as if our eyes were crossed–so no photos of the gang.  Maybe some of the other folks will post better photos on their blogs???

9 thoughts on “Grateful For The Rain

  1. Thanks again for hosting us at your adorable “guest house.” It was so exciting to see all your hard work in person. You two are amazing! Lunch was yummy. So glad I finally got to try an Instapot cheese cake:) And a special thank you for letting us borrow your truck!!


  2. The Grapevine Ranch! I went there 11 years ago as a dude. What a beautiful place and even more wonderful host the owner Eve Searle was to us. She’s a font of knowledge on local history and has lived an exciting and varied life!! I can only imagine how relaxing yoga there would be. ~ Linda K.


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