What Took Me So Long

We have a good vacuum cleaner, it has great suction but the tools are almost unusable and I think the stupid thing weighs at least 45 pounds–I kid you not!!  The flooring in this house is all tile, no carpet.  I wanted a lightweight, flexible–as in get under the beds and furniture–type vacuum.  My friend Jane bought a stick vacuum when we were together at North Ranch–a Dyson–which she loves.  I have a large Dyson in Montana but just didn’t want to spend that much for a stick vacuum not knowing how well it would work or hold a charge.

Well, what took me so long???  I wanted lightweight and I looked for the machines which had the vacuum mechanism at the top so the bottom parts would be small and narrow enough to go under the furniture.  I chose this VViViD–reviews were as good as most other stick vacuums but what really made me buy this one–an advertised battery life of 30 minutes.  I used it for the first time today and I am so pleased!–6 pounds and very flexible at the joint where the roller mechanism attaches.  I had no loss of battery power and I vacuumed the whole house–our house is small–but I took my time.  We will see what happens–it wasn’t pricey and it was made in some foreign country with no grasp of the English language judging by the poorly written worthless manual.

Monday went by in a blur–not sure what I did in the morning other than walk Emmi–and in the afternoon I had a pedicure and a thirty minute conference call which lasted over an hour.  Today the Cowboy made one of those truck load dump runs–he has removed all the drywall and insulation from the ceiling of the main house which made for lots of garbage.

Today I helped the ladies from our church serve the monthly “senior lunch” at the Sunsites Community Center.  It’s a great group of ladies and I enjoyed spending time with them.  I served as a waitress–and no, I’ve never waited tables–and I didn’t dump anyone’s lunch in their laps or get any orders wrong.  I did give grief to several of the guys who didn’t eat their vegetables! 🙂

Our UPS man brought another cool package in addition to the vacuum–a new rug for the living room–it really ties everything together!

Life is good!

12 thoughts on “What Took Me So Long

  1. oh, I love the rug.
    Just before we left Canada, I bought the Hoover stick vacuum to use in the motorhome. Our rig has a central vac, but found the big long hose a nuisance.


    1. I might should have purchased a more expensive one too but we will see how this one holds up! Thanks–this house is just days/hours from being completely finished and we are so pleased with it!


  2. Looks like Emmi approves of the rug (and that’s important!). Keep us posted on the vacuum. I just might be tempted to buy one some day. Been using a broom and dust pan. ~ Linda K.


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