Fire On The Mountain

Just after lunch on Saturday I glanced out the kitchen door toward the Dragoon Mountains–is that a cloud??  I stepped outside and realized–nope, that’s NOT a cloud!  After alerting Al and Kelly to the excitement I searched social media for information finding a Cochise Country Fire and Incident Facebook site.  Due to some confusion on that particular site we at one time thought we were under an evacuation order but that was later revealed to be a mistake on the part of the emergency notification services.  The wind was horrible Saturday but died in the evening and we have had little wind today.  The fire has grown to 3000 acres but is on the eastern side (Benson) of the Dragoon Mountains.

This photo was taken Saturday afternoon and the below photo was taken Sunday morning–no smoke.

Well, we attempted to dine at the VFW on Saturday–we were there at 5:30pm and the steaks were gone–sold out! So we went to TJ’s–the local bar–and had a very mediocre dinner.  Today the Bayfield Bunch began their trek toward Florida–we wish them a totally uneventful trip and good weather!!!

The Cowboy and I went to church this morning and then enjoyed a Valentine’s Day potluck–the food was great! I need the stuffed pasta shells recipe–it was delicious!  We’ve had some colorful sunrises lately–

Downtown Big TimberThe Big Timber, MT webcam–looks nasty and cold in Montana doesn’t it!


6 thoughts on “Fire On The Mountain

  1. So glad the smoke was gone on Sunday. Hope they got the fire under control on the other side.
    Big Timber doesn’t look pleasant at all! We check the webcam of the St Lawrence River at my mother’s in northern NY. Boy it is unpleasant there, too!


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