North Of The Border Visitors

The Bayfield Bunch stopped in to visit again as they inch their way east–they arrived Thursday afternoon and will spend a few days with us before pointing their rig east.  They have a long way to go in their travels and we wish them all the best!

  Pheebs enjoying some sunshine and Emmi’s duck much to Emmi’s dismay!! We both feel so much better, Thursday was the turning point and today we’ve both felt almost back to normal.  As a result the Cowboy decided to start a couple small projects.  He installed the kick space boards under the kitchen counters–looks “finished” now! I’ve never liked cabinets which don’t go all the way to the ceiling–the ones in this kitchen have about a six inch space from cabinet top to ceiling–as far as I’m concerned it’s just an area for dust and bugs to collect so we are closing in that area.  The Cowboy started that process on Thursday, too.

Today I’ve been so thirsty and my hands and lips are incredibly dry–this might explain why–

9% humidity outside and 11% inside–that’s low humidity!  But it does get chilly here, in the early morning before dawn it must drop below freezing judging by the sheet of ice in our new birdbath each morning!  Our daytime temps have been just perfect lately–mid 70’s–perfect!

5 thoughts on “North Of The Border Visitors

  1. I totally agree with upper cabinets going all the way to the ceiling. This house doesn’t have them and I don’t climb that high very well. No telling what treasures are growing up there!


  2. Glad to hear you are both feeling much better:) How nice that Kelly, Al, and Pheebs stopped by for a visit. Pheebs looks rather comfortable. It is SO dry! Your temps sound better than ours. We are seeing 83…a little too high for me. But…it isn’t snowing:)


  3. How nice The Bayfield Bunch came to visit! When I read his blog and the area he was heading, I was thinking of you guys. Some time all THREE of us should meet up somewhere. We keep missing each other… I bet all our dogs would have fun frolicing around.


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