Lazy Under The Weather Days

UGH–both of us have lived on the couch the last few days with terrible head colds.  We are finally on the mend! We eat right, exercise, get lots of sleep–why do we keep getting sick?  This is my second cold of the season and that’s two too many!  We are fairly isolated in Montana and when we traveled south in the motorhome we are also fairly isolated–we didn’t seem to acquire every single bug floating around.  In North Ranch we were around lots of people and it seemed we were sick more often.  Now we are in another community and seem to acquire too many bugs!  Guess we need to become hermits.  We’ve tried the EmergenC stuff–doesn’t work.  Any thoughts out there??

I did feel well enough to run some errands this afternoon and paint some floor trim boards.  The Cowboy started and finished our tax prep–our accountant will be so pleased!

So–nothing, absolutely nothing blog worthy going on around here.  These three couch potatoes have streamed lots of TV, read books and napped lots!  And ate chicken noodle soup.  I guess Emmi only napped, she only comes awake when the TV is on and she hears a dog bark plus she doesn’t read or eat chicken noodle soup! 🙂 🙂

Here’s two of our granddaughters enjoying a sunny snow day in Germany–I love this photo!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, snow, outdoor and closeup

I did complete an application to volunteer at the local library four hours per week and I stopped to visit the local VFW where I was told, “yes, many of our meal nights are open to the public.”  We were told they serve a fantastic steak dinner once a month–this coming Saturday.

18 thoughts on “Lazy Under The Weather Days

  1. The head cold thing is going around – I am really exposed but rarely sick, but had a doozy last week….laid up for a couple of days. Mucinex DM, Zicam seemed to help. Hope you are feeling better this week!


    1. We’ve been eating lots of fruit–oranges included and drinking Simply Orange juice–it helps us feel better but it’s not doing much for the “not catching the cold in the first place” part! 🙂 🙂


  2. Sure hope you both continue to mend. Our son is suffering with the same terrible cold thing. Being a pilot puts around so many germs…yuck! Take care and don’t over do it:) Beautiful granddaughters!


    1. I was so proud of myself for not getting sick after my recent airplane trip and subsequent eight hour stay in the Houston airport–then I catch a cold right here at home! We do have beautiful granddaughters if I do say so myself!

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  3. I am sorry you are sick. We have been taking Elderberry juice every morning and have missed the viruses going around our area. I knoe you can purchase Elderberry syrup at the store, but i make ours from dried Elderberries. Lots of good Vit C and other good things.


  4. Maybe you need more germs! And build up immunities. We have been well, around lots of people, (Even Canadians) knock on wood! Alamo Lake trip was awesome, 120 miles


  5. Time to get yourselves well as we will be in Tombstone for the next 7-10 days and would love to run over and take a peek at the homestead – only if you’re up to company of course 🙂


  6. It seems to me that you both have
    been stretching your bodies limits
    with such constant hard work.
    Maybe it’s time put some limits on.
    I remind my hard working husband
    that he’s not 40 nor 50 ++ anymore.
    Where did those years go? Lol


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