Who In Their Right Mind

Their right retired mind that is would want one of these things???–a concrete mixer!  We live about 30 miles from the nearest ready mix plant and they charge big bucks for mileage.  So my frugal Cowboy–bless his heart–wanted a cement mixer for smaller jobs such as the footings needed for the walls joining the two house together.  Why anyone built two houses within 3 feet of each other is a good question–it caused all sorts of drainage/roof problems.  There is also a wind tunnel effect in that 3 feet corridor between the two houses.  So, we are joining the structures making it one house–with guest quarters/mother-in-law suite, etc.

I found the cement mixer on a buy/sell Facebook group–it was located in Willcox so off we went this morning.  The location was so far out in the country the lady in my phone couldn’t find us to lead the way–we were looking for a needle in a haystack but finally found it–nice people!

While in Willcox we tried another Mexican food restaurant–Isabella’s–and it was very good–no margarita today Jodee! 🙂 While in the restaurant we watched another couple enter, sit down, jump up and get their own menus, then twiddle their fingers on the table until the waitress appeared to take their drink orders.  There was only one waitress and several tables with diners.  Our drinks/food were prompt as was the order delivery to the surrounding tables–the waitress had obviously done this before!  The couple gobbled their food then demanded their check before the last bite was taken.  UGH–those two people were NOT raised in the south where I was–no manners!

I’ve been wanting a bird bath–we hesitate to feed the birds and draw in other critters such as rats and mice–but I thought a bird bath might entice some visiting birds.  Ace Hardware in Willcox had just what I wanted–

I’ve started a little “mound” area for shrubs and flowers–I’ve planted a rosemary bush and some sort of tall grass plus our little Christmas tree is also out there.

The watering system for the trees on the west side of the house is now working–the timer which runs the drip lines is fairly simple to understand–some aren’t–we have one of each in Montana! 🙂

In spring of 2014 Geri and Larry took us to see a HUGE crested saguaro–

The ATV gang rode out to see the crested saguaro last week and were dismayed to find this

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, outdoor and natureKathy and Sandy examining the remains–disease, weight, wind–who knows but it was sad to see this photo!

We watched the Super Bowl last night–aren’t you proud of us Jim Meachum–and enjoyed it.  The game came in clear as a bell on CBS using our Amazon antenna.  The words “Amazon antenna” if clicked will take you to the antenna on the Amazon website.  I need to change the color of my hyperlinks so the words show up more clearly as a link but it requires my inserting HTML code into a section of the blog–YIKES!!–I haven’t summoned the courage yet!

And just a little trivia–did you know Tim Hauck, a safeties coach for the Philadelphia Eagles is from Big Timber, Montana??  His brother, Bobby Hauck, is the new head coach for the University of Montana.

14 thoughts on “Who In Their Right Mind

      1. It was definitely an exciting game. The Philly #2 backup QB is from our local university IU. I’m glad their coach played to win instead of having conservative play calling. The coach world and family relations is a small world isn’t it?


  1. A cement mixer! I’ve always wanted one of those…LOL! I am sure Michael will make good use of that machine. I love the garden you are starting. With each post I get more excited to visit:) Glad you enjoyed the football game. John has been an Eagles fan since 1972. This win has been a long time coming! That is so very sad to see what happened to that crested saguaro. It was so healthy in 2014. It doesn’t seem like he would fall on its own. More like someone did it:((


  2. So many more “fun” little projects you can do now :-))) I wondered about the two houses being so close together given the size of the lot…..of course you figured out how to make it all work. With the large house and those stunning views, your place is going to be the stand out of the neighborhood! The loss of that crested is so sad. I’m afraid I had the same first thought as Pam, but sure hope we’re wrong.


  3. I had never heard of a crested Saguaro, thanks for the picture, too bad it had changed whatever the reason. Have fun with the cement mixer, we used one to pour new floor and foundations in our dairy barn back in the mid 70’s. After that we paid for redi-mix. I am really looking forward to progress pictures of your house(s).


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