We Have Yoga

And I am so excited!!!  There is a chair yoga group which meets weekly at the community center and I tried it once.  The mat yoga classes disbanded several years ago.  A couple from church attends chair yoga and were kind enough to call giving me the exciting news–yoga is “on” again–only one morning per week for now.  Last Monday the class was full and it was great!  I am hoping the teachers decide to have more classes per week.

 Taken while we were at Whitewater Draw Thursday. As we were walking around looking at the cranes an owl was hooting.  We found him in the rafters of the pavilion.  

Friday we made a trip to Tucson–one of those endless ones.  We looked at a couple of privately owned RVs–oh, my–ugh and double ugh!  Costco, Home Depot and Lowe’s–yep, it was an endless day!

The Cowboy spent the day digging in the dirt getting our tree/shrub watering system installed.  I planted two shrubs, ran errands for the Cowboy and made cookies.  I must not be living right–another cold has attacked me I’m thinking–ugh!

A high stepping Kildeer.


6 thoughts on “We Have Yoga

  1. Looks like you may need to teach a class so they can have more than one a week!! Glad to see you’re able to add it back into your routine 🙂 What a treat to have the Draw close enough to enjoy on a regular basis. Such a beautiful place.


  2. I used to do chair yoga once weekly, and it was lovely. The only trouble is that it interferes with the new class of Tai Chi I have been doing. Doesn’t hurt to up my game. I’ll go back to chair yoga but for now, it’s Tai Chi.


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