Sense Of Accomplishment

The tile floors are laid and grouted–we finished about noon today and it gave us both a cool sense of accomplishment! We took the rest of the day off traveling to Benson for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants–Mi Casa. I like Mexican food but am often overwhelmed or under-whelmed by the presentation of the food–it frequently all runs together and you can’t tell where the enchiladas end and the rice begins.  Not at Mi Casa–tasty, incredibly tasty food and beautiful presentation.  Notice my tortilla hummingbirds–each dish comes with these tortilla cut-outs of animals which have been fried and dipped in cinnamon/sugar.

Emmi has an outside water bowl and this morning I noticed a visitor–a cactus wren hanging on for dear life–

As you read about a week ago, we’ve planted some trees.  Curses on the stupid jackrabbit (that’s who we are blaming) who came along one night and nipped off the top of every single pine tree.  He/she also tried to destroy one of the Privet trees.  The nursery told us to place chicken wire around the trees to keep the rabbits from eating the bark from the tree trunks–he didn’t say anything about the jackrabbit tall enough to reach over the chicken wire!  Monday we started work on the watering system which will be needed to make these little trees grow the predicted four feet per year.

Trenches ready for pipe.

Notice the dirt between the two trenches???  The Cowboy dug the trenches with the backhoe–today he said to me, “that’s your part of the trenches to dig.”  HUH???  The main water line from the well to the house is under that patch of dirt and he didn’t want to risk catching those lines with the backhoe.  So how come he gets the machine and I get the shovel???–it always happens that way! 🙂

The moon isn’t full until Wednesday night but tonight it was still amazing to see as Emmi and I took our evening walk.



12 thoughts on “Sense Of Accomplishment

  1. Congratulation on finishing the flooring!! You deserved dinner out:) Darn those huge jackrabbits! Hope the trees survive. Now get digging, Janna, so the trees have water!! Haha! Thanks for sharing your birding app. My friend is enjoying it:)


  2. Wow.. you guys sure got a lot accomplished! Will the pines still grow straight with one trunk with the tops nipped off? Or will they branch into 2 and cause a crotch? Hate to put years and years of watering into them if they split down the centers as they get taller?


    1. That’s a thought but hopefully we can watch and keep the trees trimmed so only one large trunk develops. The deer destroyed the top of a spruce we had planted in Montana, we watched it, nipping off any branches–it now has a nice, strong trunk.


  3. Yay for getting all that tile done!!! I love it when a place adds something unique and creative to their fare – the hummingbirds are so cute. Your little guy with his legs spread out is pretty cute too :-))) Beautiful moon shots!


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