Whitewater Draw Visit

It was one of those days–the Cowboy has been under the weather yet he decided to tackle a project near and dear to his wife’s heart.  That project took most of the day plus he also fixed some electrical wiring issues with our outside front door lights.

For some strange reason there was no over the bathroom vanity light fixture in this house–only can lights in the ceiling.  When standing at the sink to apply makeup my face was in shadow as all the lights were behind my head in the ceiling.  Installation of this light hasn’t been a priority for the Cowboy but he also knew how much I wanted that light–so today was the day.

At the end of the day he was worn to a frazzle and I suggested a trip to Whitewater Draw–it’s less than an hour’s drive and this is the time of year when so many of the sandhill cranes roost for the night in the marshy waters.

 We took the loop walk and sat on one of the benches for a while–watching and listening.  When the sun went down and the temperature dropped we headed for home–a nice diversion!

And here’s a photo of our youngest granddaughter–Kristen–doing what she loves best!

8 thoughts on “Whitewater Draw Visit

    1. We are almost finished with this small house–only minor things left to do–unfortunately most of the minor things are ones the Cowboy has to do. I’m not much of an electrician!


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