A Better Trip Back To Tucson

United Airlines made a better showing today arriving in Tucson 20 minutes early this afternoon.  I also received an email from their customer care department offering me either bonus miles or a $50 voucher as an apology for their ineptness Saturday night.

Monday was a big day–my sister Ann’s birthday and her granddaughter Elizabeth’s homecoming appearance.  Mom and I took Ann to lunch to celebrate that big “zero” birthday.  In the early evening we all piled into the car heading for the school gym.  In 1993 Elizabeth’s mother Niki was a homecoming maid and wore a beautiful teal beaded sheath dress–she looked like a million bucks in the dress.  Fast forward just a few years and amazingly the dress was still in fabulous condition and fit Elizabeth like a glove.  Niki said–“#1 I can’t believe the dress is still in such good shape and #2, I can’t believe Elizabeth wanted to wear it!”

Niki in 1993 on the left, Elizabeth and her escort Hunter on the right.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

 Isn’t she just gorgeous!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standingElizabeth and her sister Leah.  It was such a fun night–I’m seldom home in Arkansas for these occasions so it was especially fun!

Tuesday morning we enjoyed a family breakfast at Danny and Ann’s–my brother Ross even stopped in before heading home to bed after working the night shift at his job.  After breakfast Ann, Niki and I traveled to Little Rock for a day of shopping and lunch.  Mom joined us for supper at Danny and Ann’s.  We all said our goodbyes in the evening and Wednesday morning Ann dropped me at the airport before she headed to work.  I love seeing my family and it’s always good to get home to the Cowboy and Emmi.  She was one excited little dog this afternoon!

The Cowboy has been busy while I was gone–all the tile is laid, just a few more trim pieces and a bit more grouting and we will have completed floors.  He also trimmed several of the doors–yep, he was busy!

10 thoughts on “A Better Trip Back To Tucson

  1. What a great opportunity to be there for Elizabeth’s event! The dress is timeless and they both look so beautiful in it. What a great moment for mother and daughter. Glad the airline acknowledged your bad experience and even better that it wasn’t repeated. Makes my knees hurt just thinking of all that tile work!


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