Friends Visit

When the light fixtures go up you get that “we are almost finished” feeling!  The Cowboy still has more tile to lay but we are both feeling as if we’re on the home stretch!  Friday the Cowboy was hard at work with the tile saw, cement, and all the other tools it takes to lay tile–he was back at it again on Saturday.

My job the last couple days has been our usual mundane chores plus little odds and ends–outlet covers, gopher, etc.  Plus I keep us fed–and fed well if I do say so myself! 🙂

Saturday afternoon the Cowboy hung light fixtures and our living room took on a new look–all good!  We had visitors coming–Jane and her friend Paul from Wyoming via California–we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and evening.  Jane and Paul spent the night with us and after breakfast we gave them the twenty five cent tour before they departed heading toward Wyoming.

Jane has two pooches–both rescue dogs and both adorable! Emmi doesn’t like to play with other dogs with the exception of Lacey–The two dogs were in a standoff–Emmi wasn’t letting Lacey come in but little did Emmi know, reinforcements were coming from behind!

After Jane and Paul left the Cowboy fixed the vacuum cleaners and then we’ve spent the rest of the day being bums.  When we signed up for phone/DSL internet with the local phone company they were having a special–an Amazon Firestick–free.  As the living room has taken shape we brought over one of the TVs, installed the Firestick and now we are moving right along–we are streaming TV!  It’s awesome–TV with no commercials–are we behind the times or what??? 🙂  The Firestick makes it so, so easy and that little device was simple to install.

Life is good, very good!












4 thoughts on “Friends Visit

  1. You have to be so excited to see the end of project (for now)! I hope you’re taking a break before tackling the big house. Tessa is also more of a people dog, but off leash she does pretty well with other dogs if not competing for treats or lovin’.


    1. Yep, Emmi doesn’t like many other dogs, especially if she is on leash. If the dogs pester her, Emmi is quick to let them know, “leave me alone!” But for some reason she will chase and play with the little Lacey dog.


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