Wild Weather

Tuesday night the wind howled and it rained–nothing measurable but it settled the dust.  Wednesday morning the remaining clouds and wind made for fabulous photos.  It was a chilly day and neither of us was out long without a jacket!

The Cowboy has started laying cement board and tile in the kitchen area.  When we purchased the appliances for this house, we didn’t install the dishwasher as the one in place worked well for the time being.  But the tile can’t be installed until the old dishwasher comes out and the newer (read matching) goes in.  While my resident plumber was under the sink once again–

he decided to see if a new faucet would help the low water pressure problem in that sink.  It worked John!–we now have great water pressure!

I’m painting doors and washing windows–exciting, right!  Not a very exciting blog but it’s what is happening around here.

6 thoughts on “Wild Weather

  1. After all the years of indoor plumbing you’d think builders would find an easier way to provide under-sink access :-))) It only takes one time on your back working over your head with your legs holding your butt off the floor to know you don’t want to get down there again!!! Gorgeous drizzly day pics. Your mountains are always so pretty.


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