Jackpot Again

Yesterday was a Tucson day and our main focus was finding furniture.  We have such good luck selling on Craigslist–we write good ads, we research how much $$$ the item should bring and we are available to show that item.  We found furniture on Craigslist about a week ago and when we knew our schedule I started trying to contact this one person–she never answered my text messages or phone calls–until we were in Tucson yesterday and she finally answered the phone.  When I asked if we could see the furniture Monday her answer, “well, I’m pretty much tied up until Thursday night.”  Nope–no thanks.

Next person we contacted promptly replied via email and gave us her phone number.  Via email we told her we would be in Tucson on Monday and would like to see the furniture–she told us to call.  Monday she wouldn’t answer her phone and had a voicemail box which hadn’t been activated.

Onward–to this one–“beautiful leather couch and loveseat……minor wear…can be fixed with leather conditioner…..”  Well–first off, it wasn’t leather, second “minor wear” was an understatement and it wasn’t going to be fixed with leather conditioner.  The loveseat had a broken recliner mechanism and there was a rip in where the cushions joined the back.  Plus she was asking $600 for the two pieces.


And finally we made contact with another couple–wife was having a pre-surgery appointment but once they were finished they would call and they did.  Beautiful home, gorgeous yard, and just the nicest people.  The woman and I both went to diploma nursing schools and enjoyed talking.  They had a sofa and loveseat for sale–we weren’t really looking for two pieces but that’s what we got.  Very good quality leather furniture–yes the back cushions droop a little but I put the pillow from inside the right cushion in the dryer and you can see the difference between the two.  We are going to order foam to replace the pillow type stuffing.  They are gorgeous and in excellent condition–and we paid a fraction of what the couches cost new.  Jackpot once again!

Tuesday was Sierra Vista day.  I noticed a sewing cabinet on Craigslist, made contact and promised to come see it this week–today was the day.  It’s a cabinet with a lift for the sewing machine–once I (or the Cowboy) installs my sewing machine I will take photos.

Lowe’s was on the list–for light fixtures and we found some great ones.  Stops were made at Home Depot and Tractor Supply plus we found a good Mexican place to eat lunch.  Emmi enjoys shopping–

and pets are welcome in Home Depot and Lowe’s.

They have some strange looking trees in Sierra Vista–

I think we are going to stay home for a few days!  It might rain tonight–that would be great!

8 thoughts on “Jackpot Again

  1. I love looking on Craigslist, unfortunately our
    area isn’t that great but more towards the Bay Area
    good. So far I just look.
    Well now you can relax on your great sofa’s and watch
    TV……. Thanks to your Cowboy and Craigslist!


  2. Great find! You wonder why people bother to list items if they aren’t real serious about selling them.

    Hope you got some rain. It started raining last evening and continued lightly most of the night with a few little showers today and lots of grey clouds. Then around 4:30 tonight it started again and rained hard for a couple hours. Last night was warm and we could smell the desert with the windows open. Tonight it is much colder. No smelling tonight! The sun is back tomorrow!


  3. Great shopping, we had rain all night! What a nice sound. Had Chellino’s over for a casserole, perfect for a rainy evening. Friends arrived from Wyoming, they are here for 6weeks, maybe they can thaw out!


  4. I had great luck selling things on Craigslist. And we found Tessa there!! I don’t imagine we’ll ever find a better treasure than her 🙂 We have a few of those weird trees in SoCal. Always nice when you can combine several stops in one visit “to town”. Your home is really coming together!


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