It Took All Day

And longer than a day it seems!   The Cowboy started installing the new digital antenna we purchased from Amazon.  I just stay out of the way unless asked! He’s been up and down the ladder many times, the antenna has been raised and lowered several times, we have both TVs in the house–and still we have mostly Spanish speaking stations! 🙂

The Cowboy was an expert satellite installer during our early married days so I wasn’t worried–he will figure it out.  He visited the neighbor who has the same antenna to check direction and realized the neighbor’s antenna was much lower than the Cowboy had placed ours.  Didn’t make sense (we are surrounded by mountains) but that’s the last thing he tired and–success, we have TV.  We get Tucson CBS, Fox, and NBC–no ABC which the neighbor is unable to receive also.  We also receive two PBS stations plus various others–about 10 stations in all. And we receive about 10 Spanish speaking stations.

Saturday Kelly and I headed to Willcox to look at some small end/bedside tables–I purchased the tables plus a small bookcase the woman was selling.  In Willcox we found several “junk” stores and two more tables at really good prices.

That’s one of the tables in the corner there under our House of Fire photograph Larry and Geri gave us as a house warming present when we bought the North Ranch house.

Al and Kelly rolled down the driveway Sunday morning–our RV site looks very lonely! They weren’t going far so Kelly was driving the jeep.  We certainly enjoyed having them visit and wish them well! On Saturday while Kelly and I were in Willcox the two guys and Emmi took a Can-Am ride–you can read Al’s colorful description in his Saturday night blog.


6 thoughts on “It Took All Day

  1. It’s neat looking at your photos and knowing where everything is now that we have been there. I would have never thought a lower TV antennae would mean better reception. After Mike got up onto the roof did you shorten that ladder and make him parachute back to earth.


    1. You are the second person Al to notice that short ladder–I didn’t! 🙂 The longer ladder was around the corner out of the photo and he had used the stepladder to reach a bolt on the pole without going up on the roof. Again, we sure enjoyed having you guys around!


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