Feeling Old

Crawling around the floor even with knee pads does tend to make one feel very old!  Thursday we grouted one half the living/dining room and I could hardly stand up last night.  I felt very old!  Today we finished grouting the whole room and it wasn’t quite as hard but now my knees hurt–and we both wore knee pads.  But there was a prize at the end–

We now have a couch; the Cowboy and Emmi have deemed it comfortable.

Al and Kelly took a drive today and this evening before dinner we all took a drive before having dinner at TJ’s, the local bar.  Burgers and fries all around–they make the best homemade french fries!

Speaking of fries–do all you cooks out there now own an air fryer??  The woman who owns the local market was raving about her air fryer the other day.  I succumbed to the Instant Pot craze and love it but I haven’t even considered an air fryer??

Had my TB test read today and I’m good to go–at least until the next time!  I never cease to be amazed at what we can find in this little community.  The trowel we use for grouting has seen better days and I was getting frustrated.  On my way to the clinic I stopped at the little hardware store–they had just the right trowel–amazing!

We are on a mission these days to find furniture.  Unfortunately the local used furniture market isn’t very active and our search will probably take us to Tucson–we will see.

Short blog–I’m feeling old! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Feeling Old

  1. We use an Airfryer and love it no mess and everything so far has been very favorable and easy to fry. We wouldn’t give it up for anything.


  2. I have an Air Fryer and love it. I’ve cooked a couple Cornish hens. I love French Fries and now can’t eat them when I go out because of the oil. We buy chicken tenders and they are delish in the Air Fryer. I heard cheese sandwiches are wonderful. I’ve cooked wings. Now and then we like fried foods and it’s my go-to. It’s basically a convection oven in a pot.


  3. I can only imagine how your knees must feel!! But a good job is finished!

    Our daughter has an air fryer and loves it! She made wings when we were back east in Oct. They were great and all with a teaspoon of oil! She makes “fried” okra all the time…no slime! She said it does a great job with fish.

    Nice sofa!


  4. I also love my airfryer, great fries and chicken wings!! Just bought a Power instapot at Costco yesterday. I wanted that one as it says you can ‘can’ in it!


  5. I remember my tiling days and how much my knees and back hurt…of course I was younger then…lol. I also hand sealed all my tile.
    I love the couch and the pic. Good luck on your furniture hunt!


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