Road Trip

It took a lot of deep breathing Tuesday afternoon but I did manage to control my temper at the local health clinic.  Remember I have this little job–I work as a nurse consultant for a healthcare supply company–I travel to various hospitals around the country giving in-services for nurses using this company’s products.  Most hospitals have health requirements for visiting vendors–recent flu vaccine, TB skin test and some even go so far as to require a drug screening.  Well–my TB skin test was up for renewal.  I’ve gone into clinics in Big Timber, MT and in Congress, AZ and had a TB skin test done simply by my requesting one.

Not at this clinic–nope, not happening.  I had to have an “order.”  And that “order” did NOT have to come from a health professional–it could come from the company secretary for all this clinic cared.  Taking deep, deep breaths I said, “do you understand how silly that sounds??”  And this young woman said, “yes, it is silly but that’s what “they” told me.”  Again, deep, deep breaths and I said, “so, I’m a registered nurse who needs a TB skin test–not a prescription medication, not a blood transfusion, just simply a TB skin test but I as a nurse can’t request one but the company secretary can???”  The answer was of course “yes” and I went away without my TB skin test.  When I requested an “order” from my immediate supervisor at the company, he too was puzzled–had never had that request but he did email to me an “order.”  I took that stupid order to the clinic and received my skin test today–good grief!

The Cowboy laid tile this morning until it was time for us to head to Willcox–seems his wife had been surfing through the Facebook buy/sell groups and found some wicker furniture–which we purchased–needs a little cleaning and some paint then it will look great on the patio that isn’t built yet! 🙂

and the Cowboy needed parts.

We were also on a mission to find a favorite Mexican restaurant of Jodee and Bill’s–La Unica.  Seems Jodee and Bill had great margaritas–the best they had had in a long time and even though I rarely drink anything alcoholic in the daytime (makes me sleepy) I was remembering the photo of their drinks Jodee posted on their blog.  So–I ordered one and oh, my–it was fabulous!!!  Even the Cowboy had a few sips of mine and declared it very good! Oh, and by the way–the food was outstanding too! 🙂

Back to why the Cowboy needed parts–

seems his wife was tired of complaining about the low water pressure in the kitchen sinks.  It didn’t work John. 🙂  Back to the drawing board.

And our RV park is back in business again–The Bayfield Bunch arrived this afternoon and it was great to see Al, Kelly and Pheebs–we are glad they are here!


16 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Very small towns…what a pain! Glad you were finally able to the TB test. Nice wicker furniture! Love your full moon photo:) How nice that Kelly, Al, and Pheebs made it to your place. Have fun!


  2. Guess you ran up against stupid bureaucracy. Nobody really knows why something can’t be done; it’s just because “they” say so.


  3. Glad you found those great margaritas!! I agree the food is wonderful too. Beautiful moon and how wonderful that the Bayfield Bunch has found their way to see the results of all your hard work!


    1. We enjoyed Al and Kelly’s company very much–not sure I can drink margaritas that strong any more! The couch is very comfortable–the Cowboy and Emmi have figured that out! 🙂


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