Happy New Year

The Cowboy and I wish you all the best in 2018–much happiness and health!  Our New Year’s Eve was traditionally quiet–we rarely ring in the new year and last night was no exception.

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Sunday I finished painting this house–yea, right!  I used a semi-gloss paint on the kitchen walls and decided to use that same paint for the ceiling.  Bad decision!  Our drywall finish isn’t the greatest on the kitchen ceiling and that shiny, semi-gloss paint showed every single defect–every single one!  Of course the defects weren’t visible until I had stored all the paint, discarded trays, etc.  So, today I retrieved all the supplies and repainted the kitchen ceiling–now I’m finished painting–I think!

The Cowboy is entering the home stretch laying tile in the living/dining room.  Just one more full row and then he will need to cut lots of tile to fill in the last bit.

Over the Christmas holidays we took treats to one of our neighbors we had not met–Charlisa is rarely here–still works in Indiana but is in the process of building a home in Pearce.  Her uncle, Reid has a home here also.  The two of them stopped by on Friday to introduce the uncle to us and to see if the Cowboy would be willing to move some dirt for Charlisa with the backhoe.  Sunday morning found the Cowboy in the backhoe moving dirt.  In the afternoon we went to see Reid’s interesting house–modern, high ceilings, concrete floors–we liked it! But what caught my eye was the TV antenna.  We didn’t think over the air TV was possible in this area but Reid gets several Tucson channels with that antenna.  For Christmas we received Amazon gift cards from the Montana gang–we put them to good use this afternoon by ordering an antenna.

We’ve both taken a breather this afternoon on New Year’s Day–I used that time to backup all my photos and files to my external hard drive.  My Toshiba laptop is aging–it’s only six years old and uses Windows 7–it behaves strangely at times and has been making me nervous–so a backup was in order.  This Toshiba 1TB External Hard Drive is the one I use–from Amazon.

Sunset on New Year’s Eve was spectacular as was the moon when it peeped from behind the clouds.

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you and Michael! To be finished painting is a real treat. I remember how difficult sanding the ceiling in our family room was. My father in law suggested I get a light weight plastic lamp and hold it (without the shade) under my arm while I sanded the ceiling so I could see all the tiny marks. Between the light and a damp sponge, our ceiling was perfect for painting with now marks. Never, ever again!!!!! I did it without a mask…never even thought of it. I thought my neck was permanently bent backwards! Beautiful sunset! We had clouds for the sunset and moon rise over Borrego Springs…darn!


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