It’s Gone

We aren’t sure why we thought a bumper pull toyhauler RV was the one for us??  It wasn’t and Friday we were glad to tow the trailer to Tucson, meet the new owner at his bank and walk away with a check!  So, once again, we are RV homeless or as the Cowboy said, “Emmi is dog house-less.”

The Cowboy has been hard at work laying tile–he uses the internet for researching easier ways to do something he’s done many times–just in case.  In one of those research sessions he discovered these little devices–

and he can’t stop saying, “wish I had know about these a long time ago!”

Friday morning, hard at work before the guy called wanting to come see the toyhauler.

By this afternoon he had laid lots of tile.  I was busy painting–our last room in this house, the kitchen, is painted except for the ceiling and I will probably paint that tomorrow.  I used a semi-gloss paint and really like the way it looks plus this time I had no fuzz from the paint roller.

As I’ve written in the past, there is a shortage of restaurants around here–there is the bar, TJ’s, serving regular bar type food, Sandy’s about 10 miles down the road which serves cafe style food for breakfast and lunch and that’s it.  There are restaurants in nearby towns, 25-30 miles away.  A new little place just opened here, Che’.  We wanted to go there for New Year’s Eve but they are only open Wednesday through Saturday so we celebrated our New Year’s Eve a night early! 🙂  Cute little place with a prix fixed menu–$21.99 and four courses.  They even had prime rib as one of the choices for the entree so the Cowboy was happy.  I had some kind of grilled cheese with fruit then butternut squash soup, Atlantic salmon and lemon cheesecake–it was all very, very good!  We thought the price was very reasonable for the amount of food.  The portions were small which is a good thing when you are being served that many courses!

The Cowboy’s dessert.

Life is good!

10 thoughts on “It’s Gone

  1. I can’t say I am surprised to see you sold the toy hauler. It carried your “toy,” but didn’t seem real comfortable for you three. Someone got a nice trailer with all the work Michael did in repairs.
    Flooring is looking great. The spacers look like a huge time saver.
    That isn’t a bad price at all for your four course meal, especially when the food is good. Glad there is a new place for you to eat.
    Happy New Year to you and Michael!


    1. Thanks Pam–glad someone understands! 🙂 Sure hope that little restaurant sticks around–restaurants have a hard time anywhere but in this area it seems to be harder. Wages aren’t high and there are a lot of retirees living on fixed incomes–we will see.


  2. I thought everyone knew about those little do-dads for laying tile. They even have them for walls. Happy New Year to you guys.


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