Just Checking In

Nothing exciting is happening around here, just a little progress and even our progress is nothing too exciting. The Cowboy re-installed some built in furniture we removed from the larger bedroom–not the best of furniture but it will give us storage space–something which is in short supply in this house.

Winter has arrived with a vengeance in Montana–more than a foot of snow on the ground and more expected with horribly cold temps and wind chill.  And as it’s not very interesting around here, let me tell you a winter story from long ago–

We had a gas Ford pickup the Cowboy purchased used and had driven it to town with a goose neck trailer to pick up trusses and lumber for the log home we were building.  Just outside Big Timber in a snowstorm of course, the truck died.  We were able to coast off the side of the road and as we sat there trying to decide what to do, a neighbor pulled up behind us–this was long before cell phones became the norm.  Dava was kind enough to take us home.

So–the Cowboy gets our diesel pickup ready to go back to get the trailer or so I thought.  This is where it gets “western” as my Cowboy is fond of saying.  Off we go with me thinking we are going to unhook from the dead pickup, leave it beside the road until morning and bring the trailer home with the diesel truck.  NOPE–that’s not what happened!  We are going to tow the whole thing home–YIKES!!!  And it’s snowing so hard you can’t see your hand in front of your face.  He asks me which I want to do–drive the tow pickup or steer the one being towed.  Well–since you asked, NEITHER! but that wasn’t an option so I chose to steer the one being towed which oh, by the way is also attached to an extremely loaded trailer!

Off we go.  The Cowboy’s truck kicked up so much snow and that snow promptly obscured my windshield.  Now, remember, this truck is dead–no windshield wipers, no lights, no heater, no nothing!  I can’t see a thing so I roll down the window and stick my head out so I can at least see his brake lights and hopefully slow myself down.  I am terrified, my hands are shaking, I am freezing and I can’t see a thing–I am imagining losing control of this trailer behind me and it jack knifing in the middle of the highway or worse!!!

The Cowboy finally stops to see how I am doing and I am sure he regretted ever stopping as when he came back to my truck he received the brunt of my hysteria!  I was sobbing by then and at the end of my rope.  I told him out of all the things he had asked me to do in our marriage–and there were many, many scary things I learned to do after marrying a Cowboy–this was by far the worst!!!  Of course he was apologetic and totally sympathetic–we cleaned my windshield and made it home where I enjoyed a large glass of wine!

So–that’s a Cowboy story from long ago–hope you enjoyed it!


And when did these two little girls become such beautiful teenagers–Elizabeth and Leah are my great nieces belonging to my favorite (one and only) niece Niki.

10 thoughts on “Just Checking In

  1. Having been raised on a farm/ranch, your story sounds about right. You were only crying–Jim would have been begging for his life after my wrath! Great story and I’m happy it’s in your past. Your Great nieces are beautiful.


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