Boxes Contain The Strangest Things

When we sold our house in Congress/North Ranch, we sold it furnished–all furniture included except our two comfortable chairs.  And while we are strong believers in buying used, it’s a long way to anywhere from our home!  I purchased the two twin bed frames used and bought new mattresses for the beds.  I had been looking for a queen bed frame on Craigslist not finding what I wanted–no foot board.  Our bed in Montana has a foot board and with my arthritic hands, making the bed is painful.  So–eBay to the rescue!  It’s amazing what you can order online!  In a box about 60 inches long and two feet tall was a queen size platform bed!  The Cowboy said, “this thing is an engineering marvel!”  He was skeptical but once it was assembled he was thinking it just might work!

Can you believe the Cowboy is reading the directions???

Platform beds sit lower to the floor, thus my over sized queen quilt was way, way too large.  So, when we find bedding which fits, I will take photos of the finished product–notice the finished tiled floor???  When we purchased this property there was a built in platform bed–ugly–made from 2×4’s and particle board–ugly.  The bedroom is oddly shaped and small even though we refer to it as the “larger bedroom.”  So, the bed will not fit centered under the windows–where it sits is the only place a queen sized bed will fit.

I’ve been trying to paint bathroom and closet pocket doors for the last two days.  Who knew you couldn’t use a paint roller for painting semi-gloss paint???  My doors were covered in fuzz!  It’s been a process and not a fun one!

We’ve been experiencing some winter weather–not as cold/snowy as Montana but dang cold.  Twenty degrees Thursday morning, 23 degrees Friday morning and about the same this morning–BRRRR!

 I was going to use Picassa “retouch” to remove that power pole from this photo until I saw what is probably one of our resident owls perched on top! Notice the snow on top the Chiricahua Mountains.

Life is good–Merry Christmas!!


16 thoughts on “Boxes Contain The Strangest Things

  1. I learned about the roller/fuzz thing when I painted my kitchen ceiling. Not something I ever expected to happen.

    It was 18-20 degrees (the bank thermometer & the one in my car never quite agree) here this afternoon. Oddly enough it didn’t feel that cold…I was even running around outside without gloves on.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!
    We are in Florida with a high predicted today of 80 degrees.
    love your new home. Janet & Sheldon


  3. Seems a shamed to cover up so much of that pretty floor – couldn’t you sleep in hammocks??? I’ve painted many bathrooms and kitchens in semi-gloss paint with rollers so not sure what the fuzzy stuff is. I think I used rollers that were made for that paint? Your views are so wonderful and glad you included your owl. Merry Christmas from our home to yours.


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