Winter Came To Arizona

About 4am Sunday morning the wind, rain, thunder and lightening woke us all, Emmi included.  At 1pm the temp is still only 45 degrees and the wind is blowing–not Big Timber, Montana speeds–but blowing all the same.  Winter came to Arizona.

John and Brenda have departed and by now are probably looking for warmer pastures, they weren’t impressed with our “winter” temps and frozen hoses!

Saturday I painted all day long and the larger bedroom is now fully painted–I see some light spots which will need touch up but that’s all!  I was pleased with my day’s work as was the Cowboy–he finished laying the floor tile in the closet.

We attended church today and were so glad we did–the music was absolutely outstanding!  We are talking symphony quality!  The Desert Strings–three very talented violinists, plus our regular pianist, Jodie and her singer daughter, Camme performed several Christmas song selections throughout the service.  The last one, Oh Holy Night, took my breath away.  Camme beautifully reached all those high notes in that song–a favorite of mine.  After the service the church provided the meat and potatoes for a potluck meal–the food was delicious!

And while it’s chilly outside, we are warm and toasty inside our little house, life is good!

14 thoughts on “Winter Came To Arizona

  1. Oh, Janna, the house looks so nice, especially with the Christmas tree in the window:) Brrrr! Your weather doesn’t look or sound very pleasant. Hope it doesn’t hang around! “O Holy Night” is one of my favorites, as well.


  2. Looking very Christmasy there and like the exterior color of your house. We are very familiar with winter’s cold there in Cochise County having been snowed on several times a few years ago. Also in 2010/11 we experienced record breaking cold while in Elfrida. Many area water pipes burst and I remember seeing water shooting into the air from a broken water main in downtown Douglas Arizona.


    1. Once the final color is applied Al, I hope you like it just as much! 🙂 🙂 Our well driller was telling us about that particular winter–he said you couldn’t buy a plumbing fitting anywhere in this area at time! I hope it doesn’t get that cold!


  3. Beautifully done, Janna! The house looks just as it should in the Arizona dessert….and the Christmas decorations are so festive!


  4. Wow, your little home is looking so good!! I like the color too so can’t wait to see what the final coat looks like. The coldest we’ve been anywhere in our travels was 17 in Tombstone – it snowed on us there on two different stops 🙂 It was beautiful to see the snow on the desert, and didn’t last very long! Your day at church sounds delightful.


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