Out With One, In With Another

It was a cold morning Wednesday as we watched Ainslie and Beryl drive away heading for the Mexican border.  We received an email Thursday which said they had arrived in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico safe and sound. They spent three hours stopped in one spot for an accident–it’s unsafe to drive on the Mexican roadways after dark–people graze their cows, horses, etc. along the road and many animals as well as people are killed after striking one of these animals in the dark.  Due to the accident delay Ainslie and Beryl chose to stay in the parking lot of a Pemex fuel station rather than drive in the dark–they had a safe and quiet night Ainslie said in the email.

Thursday afternoon Canadian friends John and Brenda arrived–

We enjoyed a pleasant dinner and conversation before John and Brenda retired to their rig to take advantage of our unlimited internet.  They recently sold their home in Maricopa and are back on the road RVing while visiting the US–and as all our RVing friends know, mobile internet is expensive–way expensive!

The Cowboy laid a few tile in the closet today while I cleaned away some of the construction dust and made dinner.  I also went into town for a few groceries–it never ceases to amaze me what I can find in this little town–everything on my list today.  And–the local Produce Wagon store had a harpist playing Christmas music–bet you don’t see that at your local Safeway store!!!

I’ve also decorated a little more for Christmas–

Kelly, that candle you gave me at the Goddess Gathering smells divine!

RVing ladies–do you know how to do all the “blue” jobs–the outside jobs of your RV?  Do you know how to empty the holding tanks, unhook the water hose and electric cord?  Do you know how to retract the awnings, pull up the jacks, retract the slides, etc.???  Can you hook up your trailer or fifth wheel to the truck?  I can honestly say I can do all these things and if we had a fifth wheel, I could hook it to the hitch in the truck and drive it away.  I don’t like to drive a motorhome but I can.  But what if a situation such as Jodee and Bill experienced the other day happened to you–check out Jodee’s blog post and find out how Jodee handled a forest fire evacuation order in California when Bill who had gone to a doctor’s appointment was unable to return to the RV park due to fire closed freeways.  Scary stuff–but Jodee was prepared!

Life is good!

11 thoughts on “Out With One, In With Another

  1. Good idea for all women to learn the “Blue” jobs. I am a Widow and bought my truck and trailer after my husband passed away so I have had to learn “ALL” the jobs by myself.Did not get my trailer till the end of June this year so am still LEARNING! I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing the progress you all are making on your place!


  2. Where are John and Brenda’s horses? They don’t have their monster fifth wheel.horse trailer with them. It looks quite Christmassy in your home:) I can’t do the water or tanks, but John said just close the grey (black is always closed) and bring in the hoses. I do all the other set up…slides, jacks, etc, and know how to hook up the car. I have only driven the MH once but could do it if I had to. It’s nice Jodee is the driver of the MH so she didn’t have that worry with everything else. Have fun with your new guests!!


    1. You are behind in the John and Brenda news! Because Brenda can’t ride any longer due to her illness they don’t bring horses south any longer–it’s sad! They sold the horse trailer last season and purchased this new HUGE toy hauler plus John bought a CanAm. It is nice Jodee drives the motorhome–it had to have made that incredibly stressful situation much less so!

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  3. I’m glad to know that Fraiser Fir has scented your place like Christmas! I am AMAZED at the progress you’ve made- the room looks beautiful!


  4. Sorry – I guess I haven’t signed in yet on this blog. But I am sure you can guess who sent that “anonymous” remark! 🙂


  5. Thanks for the shout-out Janna – we’ve since made sure the spare bin keys are in the rig too!! Having a well stocked grocery and access to fresh produce makes your little spot in the desert even more inviting. And of course fast unlimited internet sounds like a luxury :-))))


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