Just Plugging Along

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, baby and shoesI would say Miss Millie is growing!  And I do wish her Mom and Dad would stop calling her grumpy!  But then, I’m not the one getting up in the middle of the night am I???

The Cowboy had Sierra Vista duty on Thursday and I stayed home to paint.  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Seattle is finishing up the drywall work and I’m painting right behind him.  The smaller bedroom painting is finished and one half of the living/dining area is painted.  The Cowboy started work as soon as he was home from Sierra Vista–laying cement board in the smaller bedroom–today he started putting down tile. The tiles are 16 x 16 so this task should go quickly??  The stucco guy is coming Monday–that will really make our little house look good!

Right before my nurse friends came to visit I discovered the cutest little shop right down the road from us–Marcia’s Garden Soap Shop.  It’s a special place, smells divine and has an excellent selection of soaps, lotions and candles.  The sales person in the shop told me Marcia has a busy website and I’ve included a link. Marcia’s husband Bill is our local postmaster.

The official, noisy greeter at the soap shop!
Such a welcoming little shop!
Inside the shop, everything is displayed so tastefully!
And one of the milk producers–very curious!

We’ve taken some breaks–I did some Christmas shopping at the soap shop, we took a short CanAm ride this afternoon and the Cowboy is taking me out to dinner–all is good!

6 thoughts on “Just Plugging Along

  1. Are you sure that is a light at the end of the tunnel or a train coming. I bet the place is looking good and someday we are going to roll into the neighbourhood to check it all out. No such thing as grumpy grandchildren just kids who are paying their parents back for their own childhood.


  2. The bedroom is looking wonderful!! Wow, stucco on Monday! Your little home is really coming along. Millie is adorable:) Love those moccasins! I so enjoy small little shops like this. It sure looks inviting. I can only imagine how wonderful it smell with soaps and candles. I use goats milk soap and love the rich lather. That goat looks like it has socks on its ears! Hope you had a great date night:)


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