Greetings From North Ranch

We are so enjoying our North Ranch stay!  And we are still eating!  Saturday night we again gathered with the ATV gang for potluck–Larry and I prepared the remainder of the prime rib and Geri had a spiral cut ham.  Kathy and Sandy brought side dishes; we finished off the Thanksgiving pies.  Around the campfire I haven’t laughed so long and hard in forever! 🙂

We’ve spent long days just visiting–not working, just relaxing.  We take walks, visit other folks and are unwinding!  A perfect Thanksgiving holiday weekend–we couldn’t ask for more!

Larry and Geri’s campground is a little crowded at times! 🙂 

We stopped in to see what Gemma and Bill had done to our former home–they’ve made some minor changes but have some big projects in the works for the future.  We loved the Christmas lights Bill was able to string onto one of the large pine trees in the front yard–he has a REALLY tall stepladder!!!  Gemma sent me this photo–

Monday we will make tracks back to our little paradise–and start to work again–more slowly this time–we are under no deadlines now.

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