Thanksgiving With Friends

We spent Tuesday loading the trailer and moving things out of Seattle’s way so he could work in more rooms while we were gone.  Wednesday we headed for North Ranch where Geri and Larry had a delicious dinner prepared for us.

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We are truly blessed to have this group of friends and miss them all greatly.  To be healthy and able to drive the distance and spend Thanksgiving with them was a joy.  Geri and Larry hosted and we had a perfect day–way too much to eat of course but lots of visiting and laughter.  Our celebration continued on into the evening with a campfire–notice the short sleeves on everyone–a fire wasn’t entirely necessary but it did provide ambiance!

Today everyone except me went for an ATV ride–to Date Creek.  The link will take you to a blog I wrote when we took that ride in early 2014–I was still riding my own ATV back then!

Late this afternoon I took Geri and Larry’s golf cart over to Jim and Ellie’s–there was a certain new member of their family I was dying to meet–Baxter–the sweetest little boy schnauzer!

He’s really, really quick so clear, non-blurry photos are hard to come by!  I enjoyed a good visit with Ellie and Jim too but the star attraction was little Baxter.

And, why didn’t I go on the ATV ride–this cold has kicked my butt!  I have coughed until my ribs hurt, Wednesday I lost my voice, Thanksgiving Day I had almost no voice, just a little squeak–today I am a lot better, still not much voice but I feel better and think maybe I’ve turned the corner.  I’ve got to figure out a way to keep from getting these dang colds–and I didn’t even get on an airplane this time!

The Cowboy and I sincerely hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving Day!

16 thoughts on “Thanksgiving With Friends

  1. Sorry to hear of your coughing status.
    It’s just purely the PITS!
    Maybe this change of scenery and locale
    will help.
    Hope your drywall guy is putting
    heavy plastic over all doorways before
    he sands. That stuff is like powder.
    Enjoy your friends!


    1. I am much better but still coughing–the lack of “work” has helped us both relax a bit! Yes, we totally closed off the room where he was sanding last week, it’s amazing how much dust is created with drywall mud!


  2. It is always great to see you! Sorry for the short visit though. Baxter is quick, and you got a good picture of him! Hope you continue to feel better every day.


  3. Yes, I know you are the nurse and I am a jr high teacher forever. Peppermints slowly melting in your mouth will help control that cough.


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