Lots Of Progress Happening

WOW–it almost feels as if we are on the home stretch!  Today Seattle finished the smaller bedroom and the dining/living area–I vacuumed drywall dust for quite some time this afternoon!  While in Tucson this past week I purchased primer and paint–that’s next on the list–to me, when it’s time to paint–you are almost finished???

Seattle will start in the larger of the two bedrooms Tuesday morning.  The Cowboy has been working on outside doors as we have a crew coming to stucco the exterior of the house.  Sergio met with the Cowboy while I was gone and left a notebook of colors–we weren’t aware the stucco would be applied in “color!”  So, we’ve picked colors for the exterior walls and the trim–I am so excited!!  Our little structure may soon look like a real house!

We now have a walk in door to the garage which will save lots of steps–the Cowboy installed it today.  Sunday he installed the security screen door for the front door–it looks nice!

I spent the last two days unpacking and catching up the laundry.  And, I made a pot of chicken noodle soup–I’ve been under the weather for a few days and the soup hit the spot!  Anyone have suggestions for avoiding colds??  In the past we were rarely ill but it seems the last two to three years one of us or both has a bug every winter.  I know it’s late November but it still seems too early to be sick!


10 thoughts on “Lots Of Progress Happening

  1. Whenever we feel that a cold might be coming on, or we might be around someone with a cold, we take airborne vitamin C once or twice a day. We think it helps.


  2. Take vitamin c 1000mg daily year round, increase to 1500 when you are around sick people or traveling. Has worked for me for several years (knock wood!).


    1. If I have to take vitamin C year round I will have to find another method than this Emergent-C powder stuff you dissolve in water–I purchased a big box of it at Costco and we’ve both been slugging it down–and so far the Cowboy is not sick!


  3. If we feel we are coming down with a skre throat etc. We take Manuka honey and suck on Fisherman’s Friend tablets. Works really well for us. Manuka Honey is also excellent for cuts and burns.
    Hope you feel well by n🤒


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